Don't wait for the right time

Don’t wait for the right time, Create  it!

If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.

Don’t wait for the right time. Find a way to create the right time. Our time here on earth is limited, make the most out of it.

Many of us tend to waste time telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough and we aren’t the best of our craft.

That, we aren’t good enough for that raise, promotion and the opportunity. If we just look at the big picture, we might realize that we are missing a lot on something.

Many chances passed us by and we didn’t bother taking the step to further our aspiration. The question is not the right time.

Again, our time here on earth is limited. So, when you see an opportunity, grab it. You will never know if you are good at that position if you didn’t try.

Years have passed and I have a lot of regrets. There’s no harm in trying. Of course, you might stutter or be slow at first. It doesn’t mean that you are not capable of improving.

Every successful person comes from a place of not knowing everything. Those people just took a chance and follow the flow of the tide.

Don’t wait until you feel that you are talented enough to pursue your dreams. In all honesty, life is just simple.

Just do what you need to do to survive and you will be rewarded. Allow each mistake that you made to be a stepping stone for you to reach your dream.

Never quit and always see the positive side of things. Even if it hurts you, just continue and move on.

You’ll never experience the reality of this world until you take a chance. Again, don’t wait for the right time. You need to create it.

Don’t wait for the right time, Open new doors and windows

Don't wait for the right time

Talent develops overtime. It will be a product repetitive task and striving hard to do your best daily despite the struggle.

Your talent will develop eventually as time goes by. So, don’t limit yourself to the things that you already know.

Always challenge yourself to do new things. As a result, it will give you confidence as you go through life.

Waiting for the right time will be a waste of time. Open the doors and windows of opportunity for yourself.

You are more than capable of greater things in life. If you want to something, pursue it. Learn on a daily basis.

Do trial and error. This will come handy in the future. The things that you did right can be developed into a strategy later on.

Finally, if you really want something you’ll give all of your energy just to reach it.  So, avoid excuses that you are not good enough.

You are already equipped and you can do anything as long as you have the will to do it.

On the other hand, try to discover and create new things that might interest you. We live in this world to discover and hone our inner talent.

Life is all about moments that made our heart skip a bit. So, if something excites you, go for it.


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