Making a brave face

Making a Brave face despite the struggle.

If  I smile on my social media post, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a problem. If you knew me and the things that I struggle with, you’ll understand the true anguish behind those smiles.

Making a brave face despite the struggle that I’m facing today. No words can explain how hard the struggle that I’m facing right now. It is beyond what I’m used to.

I can’t even pour my heart out because I’m s ashamed of the things that are happening to me. My social media post is not my reality.

Furthermore, it is an escape route for me to live a life of peace. I know that I’m strong, but the force that is breaking me down slowly is much stronger.

If you only knew. I felt cheated and no one is there to help me out. In addition, I’m keeping myself busy to forget the sadness that I felt deep inside.

I’m only focused on diverting my attention to my problem. I think my breaking point is just around the corner.

Life has thrown so much to me. It hinders my ability to think the right step that I need to do. Of course, I want to protect myself and the family that I love.

But, the situation tells me to just stay calm and hope for the best. People will just say whatever they want because they are able to.

This is the time were true friends emerge. I so stress that I’ having a tension headache and a migraine at the same time.

The reality is, I don’t know what to do with my life. Likewise, I’ve achieved the goals that I have hoped in the past.

Meanwhile, life decided to throw a  much difficult puzzle.

Making a brave face and hiding my tears in my laughter.

Brave face

We all struggle. But, I realized one thing today. You don’t have the right to judge somebody’s decision based on the things that you only knew.

There is a lot of reason why that person is acting the ways he/she acts today. We must learn to just focus on our own lives and just ignore those things that won’t help us in the process.

We will only cause pain if we continue mingling with each other’s business. The smile that you see on social media is just a glimpse of their life.

It’s not their reality. Don’t let it serve as entertainment that we can watch and read on a daily basis.

Remember you also have a problem. How will you feel if everyone knows about it and has an opinion?

Be kind and stay humble. In fact, this is the virtues that will lead us to the true happiness that we have been searching for.

People will let you down. The person that you are talking to today might become your enemy tomorrow.

So, don’t let your emotions ruin others’ happiness. Let them be happy because we deserve to be happy.

If they want to act happy on their social media posts, let them be. It is their life and we don’t have the right to question what they are doing it.


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