Get a hold of yourself

Get a hold of yourself and be an Adult

“We had no one else to learn this from- none of our parents were shining examples of relationship success- so we learned this from each other: when someone you love needs you, you can get a hold of your five-alarm temper, get a hold of the shapeless things that scare you senseless, act like an adult instead of the Cro-Magnon teenager you are, you can do a million things you never saw coming.”

Get a hold of yourself and be an adult. Teenagers nowadays depend so much on social media for an ideal relationship.

In reality, no relationship is perfect. Furthermore, an ideal relationship is a product of everyone’s imagination.

It’s not about how many flowers, chocolate or surprises that you have each given to each other.

That is why our parents advise us to have a relationship when we are old enough to decipher what is wrong or right.

Teenagers are ruled by hormones. The decisions that they make are based on the unbiased idea that love and relationship are just simply smiling and being sweet with each other.

The reality is, a relationship is defined based on what you have. No relationship is the same.

We are created to be unique from each other. That is why we formed a unique relationship with someone that we are comfortable means.

It doesn’t mean that you need to have the same likes and hobbies. It simply means that both of you find comfort despite the differences that you have.

Don’t let a one minute anger ruin a moment. And, don’t let affection obstruct the way to true love.

Get a hold of yourself and Find the person that makes you happy.

Be an  Adult

Life is short. We all have bad days. Having a hope that there is someone out there who is willing to love you despite your shortcomings will give you relief.

The future is a mystery. So, we should appreciate the thing that we have today. Be happy because you are breathing free air.

Find a way to smile daily. Your happiness doesn’t depend on the shortcoming of others. Ignore the things that give you senseless fear.

Everything will make sense soon. You are given this pain because you can handle it. Just feel the pain and hope for the best.

Forgive others who have caused you pain and humiliation. You are living not because of them.

Your life and happiness are dependent on the people that truly love and understand you.

Be an adult, and take responsibility. You are capable of every wonderful thing if you only put your mind into it.

Be courageous and stay humble. The people ahead of us will not be a role model for too long. Soon, you’ll realize that they have their own flaws.

The most important thing is, you were able to discover the things that will light your way towards your goal.

Live a happy and contented life. At the end of the day, what matters most is our own happiness without compromising the happiness of others.

Stay accountable for the things that you have done in the past and the things that you will be doing in the future.


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