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Unnecessary Mean comments

It bugs me when people are unnecessarily mean. Like, you didn’t have to make that comment. You could have just kept your mouth shut and left that person not feeling bad about themselves. What do you gain from making someone else feel like shit?

Unnecessary comments with no substance. Maybe a fleeting moment of power but that’s gone as soon as it comes. There’s enough unhappiness in the world without you adding to it.

Unnecessary comments only limit interaction. It makes the other individual question themselves. Self-doubt is already a problem in addition to people who don’t know your comment a lot.

I don’t want to say that I’m perfect. Today, I have realized that murmuring and talking about someone else limits my growth.

That, I’m so focused on others’ looks and problems rather than my own. It makes us smile whenever we see something funny.

They look funny or they dress funny. It doesn’t mean that you have the right to give negative feedback to them. Keep it to yourself, especially if you know that the individual that you’d like to make a comment to is a stranger.

Looks are always deceiving. You will not know the character of the person based on what he or she looks.

And, you can’t judge a person based on one video or a picture that you have seen. There is always a story behind it.

Instead of focusing on their mishaps, focus on your self-development. Does it make you any good if you make a negative comment towards them?

Unnecessary comments will only show your true character. Based on what you say, you are prejudging the person.

Not knowing that it’s you who needs to be the judge. Be open to all the possibilities, everyone is unique in their own way.

Unnecessary Mean Words and Gestures

Breaking down

Words and gestures convey the same meaning. Even though you’ re not saying anything as long as you act on it. It is still an unnecessary comment.

It’s hard for us to realize that our comments can affect someone. It may be just a simple comment or action with you.

But, to the person that you are directing the comment with it’s a sharp stab to the ego. Each of us had a choice.

We are given choices because this is a gift for our humanity. This is a reminder not to restrict your freedom of expression.

It only reiterates how powerful your words and actions. It could make or break someone. So, make sure that you are responsible for your own actions and words.

Be mindful of the things that you are saying. If you can’t say anything good, better close your mouth and concentrate on yourself.

Be in touch with your own feelings. Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others, usually spend no time in correcting their own.

Instead of finding fault from others, try to analyze your own. Contentment towards self is the first step of happiness.

Finally, one you are happy you will realize that everything that you see in this world has its own beauty.

This is the beauty that is beyond what you see.


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