Breaking down

Breaking down is not the End

A breakdown is not the end. Even the strongest of people have a breaking point, we all breakdown at some point in our lives. Yes, we all do. Remember, it’s not something to be ashamed of, it’s not the mark of your weakness. But in fact, your survival through it is just a proof of resilience.

Breaking down sometimes is all we need in order to get back to our feet. Like a phoenix that needs to disintegrate into ashes before it can be reborn.

Life as we know it is full of surprises. Each day is both a gift and a struggle. It depends on how you view the road ahead of view.

It is based on your own perspective of how life reveals its own magic. The challenges that we encounter in our daily lives test how strong you are.

But, sometimes the road that we travel is complicated. Our hopes die down and our strength is not enough to endure the problem that we are facing.

There’s no one that we can lean on but ourselves. And, we felt defeated. As a result, we broke down into tears and most of the time feel like giving up our goals in life.

After feeling defeat, we feel anger towards ourselves. Also, you became the first victim of your own anger. Don’t let your anger get the best of you.

So, always remember what you are fighting for. It is okay to feel defeated sometimes. You’d don’t need to be ashamed of it.

Breaking down and being Resilient

Breaking down

The most important thing is you are resilient despite all the hardships that happened to you.

Again, it’s not about how many falls you take. It is about how many times you get back after each fall.

Being resilient is more powerful than faking strength. Of course, we need to break down to take some rest from the courageous mask that we are wearing every day. Being strong doesn’t mean that you don’t have a breaking point. 

Strength comes from admitting that you too have your own breaking point and people should respect it.

It is okay to feel and show weakness. Once people see the real you, they will soon realize that you are human and that you feel pain.

The emotions that you are showing will define who you are. It is only a stage. The emotion that you feel is only temporary.

So, don’t make a permanent decision out of temporary emotion. Be resilient and show your real strength.

Above all, be the person that you are designed to be. Each of us has a unique strength and intellect.

We are unique and we have our own way to show the world the person that we truly are. Have the courage to bounce back from the breakdowns that you encounter.

Lastly, have the courage to face your own fears. Because fear is the only thing that hinders you to grown and follow your dreams.

Don’t let fear limit your life’s adventure through life. Nothing is more important than facing your own fear and be triumphant with it.

Sometimes, you get defeated but you can always get back on your feet if you wish to.


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