True relationship

The True meaning of a Relationship

A true relationship is someone who accepts your past. Supports your present, loves you and encourages your future.

People are having a hard time understanding relationships. Because everybody thinks that the highest grade of relating is being Romantic and Sexual.

But it is not. Even if we get into a lifetime commitment and relationship that those components aren’t everything.

We are crowded with pretentious relationship nowadays. Social media photos only show the glittering part of a relationship.

Those sweet surprises, unexpected gifts and the affectionate post became the benchmark of the younger generation.

As a matter of fact, they view those acts as the highest form of affection towards someone. As a result, our minds are crowded by thoughts of a grandiose and lavish gift.

Honestly, a true relationship doesn’t have an exact meaning. A true relationship is what you make it.

Also, two individuals have different views and characteristics. The truth is, true relationship happens once you realize how you can adjust to both differences.

Furthermore, the differences between both of you add spice to your relationship. You don’t need to compare your relationship to others.

Remember, you are the only one who can define what is your true relationship. Some might have a glimpse of what you are going through as a couple.

But, at the end of the day, the only one who can solve your issues is you and your partner. Asking someone’s opinion regarding the status of your relationship is okay.

Then again, you need to know what is proper advice and what is not. It is okay to listen to the comments of others. Albeit, you don’t need to act directly based on the things that they said.

Most of the people that give you advice don’t know the whole story.

True Relationship


A true relationship contains love, care, and sympathy towards that person.  It is never envious. Above all,  Then, a true relationship occurs when both of them are ready to sacrifice for each other just to make the other person happy.

Once again, you can’t unlove the person once you learn to love truly. You will discover that love doesn’t fade through time it only strengthens the bond between you.

It exists if you can tell each other anything. Above all, a true relationship is two unperfected people refusing to give up on each other despite the trials that they are facing.

Both of them will learn to hold holds in times of need. They laugh at the mistakes of each other without ridiculing it.

You both first but learn to accept that no one is perfect. Forgiveness is the glue that binds you together.

Never leave a true relationship over a few mistakes. In the end, affection is greater than perfection.

Learn to love yourself first and everything will just follow. Once you found what makes you happy you will realize that the world that we live is beautiful.

The beauty of life is when you find meaning from your relationship. Finally, a true relationship is the realization that your existence doesn’t depend on somebody.

We create a relationship not to complete each other. But, to discover the uniqueness from each other that will make both of your life colorful.


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