Teach her Self-love and Confidence

Make your daughter so capable that you don’t have to worry who will marry her! Instead of saving money for the wedding day, spend it well on her education and most importantly, instead of preparing her for her marriage, prepare her for herself. Above all, Teach her Self Love and Confidence.

Teach her Self-love and Confidence. This the most crucial step that you need to do. Youth nowadays, are blinded by glittering fame from social media and Hollywood.Self-Love

Most of their lives revolve on how other people perceive them in social media. Education and morality are not given attention to.

Instead, they focus most of their time and effort on shrouding themselves fakeness. Teach her self-love and she will never be weary again.

Loving oneself is the beginning of a contended and happy life. Happiness is free, it comes from people that surround you. It is from the adventure and experience that you encounter daily.

Never let anybody put her down. Guide your daughter during their youth, because they will become the mothers that will nurture our future leaders.

A woman’s confidence and self-love don’t fade. It only develops into its purest form. Furthermore, self-love means that you mind those things that will improve you holistically.

Instead of saving money for material things, weddings and events; spend it wisely on new experiences. This will teach you to be resilient no matter what happens.

Be sociable, the world is yours to conquer. Most of the people that you knew today will not matter in the coming years.

You don’t need their approval for you to succeed. Also, daughters listen to your parents. They are more experienced than you.

Teach her Self-Love

We don’t need to conform to the norm of this world just to be happy. Release yourself from the chain of social media madness.

Love yourself and develop your innate ability to grow despite the struggles that you are facing daily. Know your worth.

You don’t need to beg somebody to stay in your life. Remember this, you are special and no one can make you inferior unless you let them be.

Your uniqueness is your gift to the world. We are unique because we have each a special role that we can only fulfill.

Educate yourself, read different kinds of books instead of spending hours scrolling your social media accounts. Educate and understand the difference between knowing and understanding. 

Knowing and understanding are more important than having a lot of material things. Know that we have a limited time here on earth.

Treat each day like it is your last. Make every moment count. And love like it is your last. Focus on the things that will make you happy.

Challenges will just pass. Manage your time wisely. Money can be earned but time cannot. Once your time passes you can never get it back.

Don’t worry too much. Let each day pass with a smile in your face. No matter how bad your day is, be thankful that you are still healthy and alive.

Prepare your daughter for herself. That self-destruction should not be her priority. Most of all, give yourself time to heal.


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