Stress and everything in between

Stress and Everything in Between

It’s not the load that breaks you down, ITS THE WAY YOU CARRY IT!

Life as we know it is full of stress.  Whatever we do or plan, there will be hurdles in the form of stress. I mean, stress is stress. It is defined as tension or pressure exerted on an object or a person.

Stress can either be physical, emotionally and Psychological. Often, the stress that really gets us every-time is emotional stress.

Scientists have discovered how stress – in the form of emotional, mental or physical tension – physically reshapes the brain and causes long-lasting harm to humans

As a result, emotional impedes how we look at life and how to live our life. Sometimes, it incapacitates even the strongest people that we know.

No matter how strong you are, as soon as the emotional stress kicks in you will feel helpless. Even money, fame and power can’t put you out of your misery.

Most of us, view stress as never-ending torture that steals our happiness in a split second. No one is exempted. Everyone will experience stress whether you like it or not.

I don’t believe in a stress-free life. No one can ever tell that he or she is stress-free.  You can only say that you have to manage your stress but you can never escape it.

Although stress gives us a lot to think about, it also gives us focus on what really matters the most.

Most of the time, as we struggle with stress we tend to disregard the good that came with it. Now, after saying that stress has caused us pain and suffering, realize that all that happened because you are destined to experience it.

Remember, stress gives us a chance to grow. Without it, we will be only an empty vessel. There will come a time that you will thank everything that has happened to you because it made you strong.

Everything in Between


Stress and everything in between. Of course, life is always a cycle. There will always be happy times and sad times.

And, in between the small amount of stress trickles from a corner. People around you may also be a source of stress.

So, surround yourself with people who will understand you. Know this, life is short don’t try to acquaint yourself that only gives toxic to your life.

Also, toxicity is a result of uncontrolled stress. Never ever let someone pollute your mind with all the unnecessary toxic.

Stress and everything in between add spice to our bland life. Because life is not plateau. There will be ups, downs, and whirlwind of adventures.

Don’t mind what others think of you. Allow yourself to be free from the burden of their judgment.

Whatever happens, don’t let their judgment cloud your happy thought because it will add stress to your life.

Let go of the negative thoughts that will affect you in the process. Between stress, there will be time to think and do the things that you love.

Let lose and never ever let stress control what you truly are. Don’t make a decision whenever you are in the height of your emotions.

It also applies when you are in the height of your happiness. Mostly, you will regret the decision that you made once that emotion subside.

Remember this: A year from now everything you re stressing about won’t even matter.

It’s not the load that breaks you down, ITS THE WAY YOU CARRY IT!


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