Learn from those who Experienced it.

If you want to find about the road ahead, then ask about it from those coming back

Learning is continuous. We can learn without experiencing it. There are a lot of ways for us to learn about the lessons in life.

One of the best things to learn is by asking the person who had been through that situation. By looking back at their experiences you may learn something and equip yourself in the future.

Don’t be naive about the things that is happening around. The struggle is constant and you don’t need to experience something and learn from it.

We are lucky because humans are a social being. Furthermore, we are able to impart our experience and let our life be a benchmark for others.

In the first place, by learning from other experiences we can create a better world around us. The scientific innovation that we are using right now is the result of the past experiences of our mentors.

Also, life is a trial and error. You will know what works best if you or someone else tries it.

As a result, we can learn from their experiences and improve what we have right now.

It also applies to the emotional struggles that we experience each day. Each of us experiences pain from a different level.

Sometimes, by just telling your story it releases the stress deep inside. It allows the listener to examine their self and enables them to think about the possibilities.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to seek advice from someone who had the wisdom to impart.  You need to surround yourself with people who have experienced the unimaginable.

Then, you will realize how blessed you are. 

Learning is continuous, learn from their experience


Continuously appreciate what you have today and learn from others.  Everyone has a story to tell.

People are uniquely different. Don’t focus on the people who have flashy characters. Even small minds have a story to tell.

People act base on their experiences. We don’t have a way to tell their story if we don’t know them.

Be kind and appreciate the stories that you hear. They will be your foundation for you to build your life.

We are merely people in this world, and we are here to discover the truth about us and others.

Each of us interconnected. Our stories are a web of network that makes this world colorful. H

Everyone’s stories will serve as a basis for us to live the life that we want. No matter what happens we can still get through life.

Above all, we need to believe that life has so much to offer.  Whether we experience it or not, we can still learn from it.

Be open to all the possibilities and don’t underestimate the power of experience.  Learning can be synthesized from a different form.

We need to be an open vessel ready to be poured by the experiences of people around us. By focusing on the road ahead, we will meet different types of people with different experiences and expectation towards life.

Learn from each and every one of them. 


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