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Live your life so you have nothing to Regret.

Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted

Always remember this. If you care about something protect it no matter how tough no matter how sad, you’ve got to keep trying. Even if you have to put your life on the line.

Protect it with both arms and never give in. There will be a lot off distractions along the way. Make sure to focus your eyes on the prize.

Regret will haunt you constantly once you never take the risk. Work hard for your dreams and enjoy every minute of your life.

You have a limited life here on earth. So, live your life to the fullest. Feel every emotion that other people give you.

The struggles that you are facing today will mold you to be a stronger person in the future. Never give up and always have the courage to continue no matter what happens.

But, there are times when you will question your judgment. And, most of the time the dreams that you really want will not come true.

It only means that it’s not meant for you. Don’t bombard yourself with pity. Doors of opportunity closed because but there will be another window of opportunity that just for you. So, patiently wait for it.

You will discover that every bump on the road will lead you to your destiny. Stop doubting yourself.

Also, you deserve all the praise in the world. No matter what stage you are in your life. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing a good job. Always end your day with a smile.

Nobody wakes on the wrong side of the bed. It’s just a thought that you constantly rehearse throughout your day that is why bad things happen to you.

Likewise, appreciate the small things that others do to you. Be humble and walk through life with kindness in your heart.

Regret and living your life


Live your life like it is your last. Feel the wind on your hair. Observe the beautiful sky above and breath the fresh air around you, it’s free. 

There are a lot of things to thank for. On the other hand, avoid things that could give you negative energy.

Have time for yourself. Also, decrease the hours browsing your social media accounts.

According to studies, people who spend less on social media is a lot happier compared to others who spent most of their waking time browsing to the never-ending post and pictures.

Social media can cause a lot of confusion. It distorts the reality of the person who is seeing the flawless post of social media influencers and celebrities.

As a result, they question their own existence if they are good enough. Most of the time, they think that their lives suck because it doesn’t compare to the things that they saw online.

Needs and wants confuses them. Online shopping became a stress reliever to all.  Adding to the cart without checking out makes them feel good about themselves.

That, those material things that they really don’t need will never ever satisfy their insatiable thirst for fame, fortune, and acceptance.

Finally, don’t confuse yourself. You can live your life without comparing yourself to others.  Take a risk and have the courage to face the consequence of your actions.


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