Hurt Yourself

Have you hurt your self before?

Look at your cuts or your burns. Or those bruises you gave yourself. Each one is a battle of yourself that you lost.

How hurting yourself doesn’t solve anything. Problems come and go. Heartaches and wounded hearts do heal at the right time. Struggling is a part of our life.

But, hurting yourself in the process of feeling physical pain instead of dealing with what you are facing right now will not solve anything.

If we feel depressed, be depress and drown yourself to the sorrow of sad song that you hear. This a normal feeling. A normal reaction to the stress around you.

Of course, you will doubt yourself, but it doesn’t mean that you will give up in an instant. Don’t underestimate the power of your spirit. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

You are already enough. And, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. In fact, we are growing to be the person that we are destined to be. Nothing is more important than being your authentic self.

No matter the circumstance is, we will always find our way. We might be lost for a while but we have the gift to recover in every struggle that we face.

Again, hurting yourself like cutting your wrist, getting a tattoo and piercing yourself all over will not change who you are. Physical appearance is superficial like the superficial pain that you inflict on your body.

Learn to develop your emotional strength. Nothing is wrong with you. You are perfect in your own way. If people don’t see your worth then let them be. They are not the reason that you

exist in this world.

Physical pain doesn’t change anything

You can lean on me

Self-mutilation has a deeper cause.  You might be hurt inside that you want the physical pain to surpass it because you can’t handle the intangible anxiety that you felt.

Find something that is worth fighting for. You don’t need to prove yourself to everybody. Love yourself and everything will just follow.

Say these, “I am already the person that I love”. No one can take your happiness if you already found the essence of true happiness.

Happiness can’t be taken from you instantly. 

Have the courage to face your own disappointments. You are strong and you need to believe in yourself.

Above all, physical pain only worsens you. It reminds you of the weakness from within. Particularly, we need to accept that we have limitations. Human emotions are a normal reaction if we are stress or disappointed.

Showing your emotions like crying doesn’t mean you are weak. It only shows your humanity. That you can feel pain, sorrow, and joy. 

You are destined to show your beauty. Because beauty doesn’t have a standard. Also, you are beautiful in your own way.

Be kind to others especially yourself. Don’t direct your anger towards you. It is okay not to feel okay every-time.

As such, when you are struggling it is okay to cry for help. Asking for help is a sign that you are willing and open to all the possibilities.

Others will constantly judge you based on what they know. But, you are the only one who knows the truth.

Don’t let hearsay drag you down. Stop hurting yourself. Move on and remove the weight that you have been carrying the past.

Only then, you find your inner peace and satisfaction.


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