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How Disappointment Defines you?

Simple things become complicated when you expect too much. The expectation is truly the root of all heartache. Don't let it get the best of you

Simple things become complicated when you expect too much. The expectation is truly the root of all heartache. Don’t let it get the best of you

The way you handle Disappointments is what defines You as a person

You are what you think you are. Hence, what you think always reflects what others think of you. When you feel like a winner, you’ll be one.

But, once you think that you are loser…. You’ll be one.

Disappointments are everywhere. Sometimes, disappointments appear out of nowhere.

Stages of disappointments. It will make you feel unarmed and not ready for it.

Also, you just do two things during those disappointments. You can either get back up or just drown in your sorrow because you don’t have the control of the disappointments that surround you.

And, you have to learn how to rise above it all. It is simple advice but it’s difficult to put it in action. Rising above disappointment is a difficult task but a fulfilling one.

However, we are created to adapt to things that disturb our inner peace. Of course, it is a normal process that you deny the disappointment that is happening in front of you.

I remember the stages of emotion that we go through whenever someone dies or if we lose something/someone. The called it D-A-B-D-A, which stands for Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

This stage happens to every one of us during turmoil.  After denial comes anger. You are in a rage because of the things that are happening to you.

For example, you lost your job, you haven’t accepted to the school that you really want, conflict in the family, stress on work and relationship or someone is not reciprocating the love and care that you show them.

These are all disappointments. The anger that you felt is sometimes directed to others or worst yourself.

Traveling through the stage of Disappointment

Stages of disappointment
How Disappointment defines you

Then Bargaining happens. You try to bargain what you have today to replace the disappointment that you felt.

Again, this stage might happen in seconds, minutes, hours or days. It depends also on your coping mechanism.

On the other hand, disappointment will make us realize that there is something more important. It warrants our immediate attention and provides us a glimpse of what might become of us in the future.

Even more, disappointment will truly show the person that you are inside. Make sure that you are always humble and do the right things.

People will judge you anyway. So, do whatever makes you happy. Live your life as it’s your last. Let disappointment be the wind that pushes you up.

Above all, disappointments are a temporary bump on the road. It will be difficult as you travel through life.

But, you will be fearless and brave at the end. Think of it as a challenge. You were given that disappointment because you can handle it.

Every problem has a solution. If you can’t think of the solution right away just pause and let your mind clear.

Then, it will show you the things that you need to do in order to succeed. Never think that you are alone.

There is always someone who will love you for who you are. Let disappointment you but not control you.


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