Dear Husband, I’ve learned that true love means Compromise.

This past year, I’ve learned a lot from you. I’ve learned that no matter how intelligent I am, I still need to consider your opinion. That marriage is full of compromise.

Love means compromise. I know that marriage is difficult. Most of us, focus on the glitz and glamour of engagement and wedding.

In reality, we are in love with the thought of getting married to a person. Furthermore, we spend most of our time and money in preparing for our dream wedding.

We want the picturesque view, beautiful ornates, colorful invitation and a beautiful wedding gowns. In the process, we lost the thought that a wedding is only the first step in a long term commitment.

Why are we so focus on the wedding day? Much less, a beautiful wedding allegedly symbolizes great love for each other.

Our younger generation portrays weddings to be instagramable pictures that we post online. I mean, they love the fact of getting married because this is what they see in social media.

I love my husband. However, there are things that he does that really gets on my nerves. I’ve learned that marriage is not a scene from the movies that I’ve watched nor any sweet pictures that I’ve seen online.

There are no breakfast in bed, late-night talks or even hugging all throughout the night. When you get comfortable with your partner, most of the time you ignore them.

Testing both of your boundaries will be the first signal that you are entering the phase of getting to know each other more.

When we entered this phase, I thought that my husband doesn’t love me. Moreover, He is too busy playing on his phone and scanning his social media accounts rather than talking to me.

Most of the time, we argue because our opinion differs.

Love means compromise

Love means compromise

If you truly love the person you need to compromise. I have accepted the fact that my life will never be the same.  Even more, I need to consider his opinion and feelings before deciding.

So, ladies make sure that you choose wisely. But before choosing you need to find self-love. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll end up in the ditch called depression and self-doubt.

How can you give love if you don’t have it? Both of you needs to meet halfway. Sometimes, you need to let your partner know that they are valued.

Being valued means, that you need to lower your pride. In contrast, lowering your pride signals your partner that you are willing to give up something just to make them happy.

In addition, both of you needs to be honest. The truth will set you both free. As long as you are honest with each other, both of you can surpass any struggle.

Dear husband, please understand if I’m not me all the time. There are a lot of things circling in my mind.

Actually, you are the only thing that makes me sane. You have kept me grounded. I am always thankful that you are always there.


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