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Why are people so obsess with their Digital Image?

The reality of today's world is that due to social media, people have lost compassion and concern to each other. People are getting extremely self-centered and have fallen to depression because they don't have real friends to talk to.

In the world where social media rules, people prioritize their digital image compare to their reality. The truth is, we are not the person that we portray online.

Digital image, this now the reality of the younger generation. People compete to have a big social media impact.

This platform is now used by many corporations to advertise their product. In social media, you can do anything. Namely: Fashion, business, politics, buy and sell, love, marriage and even illegal things like selling drugs and prostitution.

Our world is now interconnected by the network that we use every day. Furthermore, we can instantly comment or like something in a blink of an eye.

Also, we invented emoji’s to express our feelings because it’s hard for us to put our emotions into words. We lost the capacity to think and put our emotions in writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the digital age. Today, learning and communication are only on the tip of our fingers.

We can definitely do anything as long as we have an internet connection and a smartphone. In fact, most to the highest earners today are social media influencers. And, young people who devoted themselves to social media became instantly a celebrity and made a name for themselves.

Now, kids don’t dream to be doctors, scientist or an astronaut. Most of them will say that they want to be a Vlogger traveling the world and doing make-up tutorials.

Moreover, online streaming, uploading videos to youtube, tutorials and facebook viral photo’s are the main focus of the young entrepreneurs.

Now, most of the people that I know are curious about how to monetize the pages that they have created.

Indeed, our reality today is the digital world that we have created. In addition, we are more concern about how our online friends and followers react to our post.

Besides we are too busy in installing an application that could edit our digital image rather than focusing on our reality.

Most of us use our energy and time browsing our phones and finding the next viral videos, photos, and quotes that could somehow make our day.

Digital Image, this is now my Reality.

Social Media

Much less, we don’t rely on our reality. But, on our digital footprints. We often scrutinize and spend our time on a single photo before posting rather than appreciate our surrounding.

I’m saddened to see that our necks are alway bending to browse and flick our phones. We prefer social media chats rather than personal conversation.

Either way, we are slowly losing the capability of seeing eye to eye and just make a good conversation.

Our digital image is not who we are in reality. Rather than focusing on how you look online, focus on the things that really matter.

My reality is, I use the phone to distract me whenever I can’t connect with someone in the real world. 

Social media is an excuse and escape for me to live in my own world. As a result, I could not interact genuinely with the person that I’m with because of the digital community.

We are distracted not by urgent messages on our phone. As a matter of fact, we are distracted by likes and comments that our online friends do.

And, we appreciate now those comments and beautiful pictures of luxurious gift online. We celebrate not because of the special occasion but because of the likes that we get when we post something online.

Our emotions depend on how people will react to our digital image. The bitter truth is social media has removed love, compassion, and concern to others.

As a final point, happiness is simple. Learn to feel how emotions work and you don’t need to rely on your social media image. Have your reality the priority and not your online community.


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