You are a creation of beauty

Sometimes, people are beautiful. Not in looks. And, not in what they say. But, just what they are.

You are created to evolve in beauty.  In fact, you are a beautiful creation. Furthermore, you are molded to take a shape that is unique. Beauty comes from different forms.

Furthermore, the only thing that you need to focus on is how to use that beauty that was given to you.

In addition, beaut is not just the outward appearance. It is skin deep. The person is considered beautiful once he or she radiates energy that can make everyone see what beauty truly means.

Each of us has a unique beauty that separates us from everyone. Make sure to tap on that inner beauty.

This is the beauty that captures the soul of every person that you see. It lightens the path of every person that you smile with.

In the same sense, you are a creation of beauty. Therefore, don’t compare yourself to others. Comparing only means that you are not secure enough to the beauty that was given to you.

Moreover, don’t let anyone dictate the standard of what beauty. It’s only you who can define your own beauty.

Dig deep and find self-love. Love yourself first. You can’t give love if you don’t have it. Physical beauty fades over time.

The only thing that remains is the character that you are sharpening throughout these years. Despite the struggles, learn to be sensitive with your surroundings.

Always bear in mind that no man is an island. Beauty can only be enjoyed if you have someone to enjoy it with.

I’m not thinking about an intimate relationship. It’s about how we love other people that create our inner beauty.

It is not an intimate love. But a selfless love.

You are created to evolve in beauty


Remember this, beauty is not created. It is always developed and constantly evolving. There is nothing more challenging than developing your beauty.

Allow yourself to be tested. This is an effective way to let the beauty blossomed from within. Just like the diamond, it needs to be constantly sharpened to create the beauty that everyone loves.

Believe in yourself that you can achieve anything that you want. Live every day as if it’s your last. Don’t hesitate to make a mistake. Try everything and don’t look back in the past.

Move on and live in the world were beauty depends on how you perceive it. Live your life to the fullest.

Don’t listen to the voices that tell you, “ You are not enough”. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody.

Hence, stop pleasing everyone. Do the things that you love instead. Have the courage to pursue the things that will make you happy.

Of course, there are still people who will question your actions. Don’t let them drown your inner peace.

Moreover, Find the beauty that the world needs.  Spread it and make others see their beauty. Be the first one to create a ripple effect.

Also, Love like you have never hurt. No one can stop you from creating your dreams. You are beautiful.

Finally, God created you to be beautiful.


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