You and me equals eternity

You Plus me equals eternity

You are my eternity. I will wait for you even at the end of forever. Promise, I will find a way to be with you until eternity. You and me, me and you this is our forever.

Note, to the person that is destined for me I will find you. And, once I found you, I will never let you go.

Be patient because I’m also patient. I am patiently waiting for the right time. Furthermore, I have a lot of things that distract me.

But, I know that the time will come that we will meet.

I apologize if I will not recognize you. Also, remember that I’ll be here always.. I am praying that you and I will meet and spend eternity together.

As a kid, I have always imagined myself to walk down the aisle with the person that I love. And, finding him is the quest that I’m willing to take.

You can call me hopeless romantic because that truly defines me.  Moreover, I open to all the possibilities.

I may meet someone and mistakenly fell for him. But, always remember that I am still yours. Nothing could stop me from meeting you.

Please be mindful about my feelings because most of the time I’m sensitive. Love for me is the end goal that I want to reach.

Growing with a broken family, this is the only treasure that I want to achieve. Money, fame, and power will not make me happy.

Only love will give me the happiness that I deserve. I promise to love you no matter your past is.

Your past defines you. I am ready to take on the challenge of loving you. Although it may be true that love is complicated, I am ready to take the challenge.

Regardless, my love for you is never-ending. It doesn’t have any condition. You can be what you like and will support you in the end.

You plus me


You and I will be the perfect pair in this world where a relationship fails. I promise that ours will be different.

After all, I have been waiting for you for the longest time. I have the courage to fight for you. We will build our home with love.

Our eternity will start from the day that we meet. Until then, take care of yourself. Remember, that there is someone waiting for you and is ready to love you no matter the situation is.

I have faith your just in the corner. You are waiting for the right time. I am here my love, waiting and praying.

In reality, there are a lot of frustrations and struggles that I have surpassed.  But, I think the waiting game is slowly tiring me.

Albeit, I will still hold on to the fact that we will meet soon.

In other words, I am here waiting. You and me and our eternity. It is worth the wait. Just remember, I love you.

And, my love knows no bound.


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