The great hack

The Great Hack: The Ultimate Revenge of Technology

No one is safe. Everyone can be a target. A single click, flick, tap, stream and above all not reading the terms in condition can jeopardize your privacy.

The great Hack. This is a wonderful documentary that was manufactured by Netflix to stir a story regarding the alleged hacking incident that happened in the US election.

It is when Donal Trump won the presidential election and kicked Hillary Clinton’s projection. Everyone is puzzled why he won.

Then, came the controversy of the hacking incident that was allegedly conducted by the Russian government.

Russia Headed by President Vladimir Putin which is also an acquaintance of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump in the past voiced out his plan for the presidency. No one believed him at first.

Then, came the joke of President Barrack Obama on a dinner party held in the White House. Trump allegedly felt that he was targeted and that is when he seriously planted on his head that he will become the president of the United States.

Politics is a vast and gruesome topic. We agree to disagree. Every one of us has an opinion towards Politician.

But, Donald Trump is different. He was famous not because of his political beliefs. Trump is already a brand in itself.

He created hotels and casino’s that has his name on it. This man married a couple of times and is in the limelight for the past decades.

As a matter of fact, he had a successful TV show called The Apprentice.

Anyhow, regarding the alleged hacking incident. The Trump campaign manager hired Cambridge Analytica to spearhead their online targeting campaign.

This company mainly used faced book to predict the emotions and decision making of people.

The Great Hack: Persuadables


In other words, they are the company that was blamed for hacking. The lawmakers and the people involved accused them of planting unnecessary information to the head of the target audience.

In return, the target audience most of them voted for Trump in the end. They are called the Persuadables.

They are everywhere. Most of them are not decided and can easily be persuaded using an advertisement, videos, and graphics that flooded their timeline.

Trending topics on social media are now the headlines of newspapers and television. Most of us rely on the news that we read and see.

This is now our reality. In the world where technology connected us together, there is a great divide whether it’s really beneficial.

For me, in every innovation, there is a disadvantage. But, as long as it doesn’t outweigh the benefits I can still live with it.

Above all, we cannot blame others or any marketing strategist to plant something in our mind.

Ultimately, we have a choice that we can only make. We should stop blaming others for what we have caused in the first place.

The online community is a vast network. You can easily be confused using the graphics and images that you have seen.

Stay updated and scrutinize every news that you read. Don’t be led by trending topics made by tech giants to drive revenues.

Even the groups that we have joined online opened different opportunities to speak out our mind and fight to what we believe in.

But again, we have a choice whether to let ourselves drown with false information and be one of the people that was victimized by the great hack.


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