Alert: Dengue Can Kill Anyone

Dengue is a disease caused by a virus transmitted from an infected Aedes Agypti Female Mosquito

Dengue had been endemic to tropical countries around the world. This disease is caused by a virus that doesn’t have any cure as of today.

Many lives had been claimed and families suffered due to the fatality that was caused by this disease.

Before we could study how Dengue works let’s first understand the life cycle of an Aedes Female mosquito.

Mosquitoes love dark places. Mostly, they lay their eggs on stagnant and clear water under shady trees or shrubs.

First, the female mates with male mosquito it lays 60-100 eggs after three days of mating. The eggs are round and had a hard shell.

Next, this eggs will become a larva after 2-3 days and the larva becomes a pupa and a full-grown mosquito on a 27 degrees centigrade weather.

That’s why dengue cases increase during the rainy season because eggs of mosquito are easily hatched when it’s cold.

But, as the temperature rises the life cycle of mosquitoes lengthens from 8-13 days. In summer season less water is deposited on the field. As a result, breeding places of mosquitoes are less and zero to few cases are reported.

Dengue: Mosquito Facts

Only Female mosquito bites

They can fly 30-500 meters from their breeding place

Mosquitoes average life span is 20-30 days

You can have dengue four times because there are four types of dengue virus.  So, it doesn’t that you’ll have a chance in developing an immunity with one strain.

But, it doesn’t mean that you will be dengue free all your life because there are still three strains.

Remember the dengue virus can’t be transmitted through coughing, touching or getting near a dengue patient.

It can only be transmitted through an infected female Aedes Mosquito. Kindly use light-colored clothes and avoid wearing black.

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark-colored clothes. You will be an instant target once they see you.

Everyone can be infected by the Dengue virus. But, only the extreme ages often experience severe symptoms.

Young children and elderly have under development and diminished immunity. As a result, the body can’t fight back effectively the damages that Dengue virus can do.

There are two main types of dengue categorize as DHF or Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and DSS or Dengue Shock Syndrome.

Signs and Symptoms of Dengue


  1. High continuous fever that lasts for 2-7 days
  2. Nausea and vomiting
  3. Skin flushing caused by high fever
  4. Loss of Appetite
  5. Bleeding of Nose and Gums

When you have noticed these signs and symptoms make sure to consult with your doctor. early detection and immediate intervention can save a life.

Since Dengue can kill, we need to be aware of things that we need to do in order to prevent the transmission of the disease.

Let us all participate and help disseminate the facts that we know to destroy the breeding places of mosquito.

A simple step can make a difference. It will help us preserve the lives of the people that we love.


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