I am Optimistic, positivity is what I breath

I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter

I am optimistic and I breathe positivity daily. Nothing could bring my soul down. There is a lot of situation that tested me in the past.

The thing about a test is you’ll not know when will slap you in the face. Your daily life seems repetitive.

And one instance you’ll realize that you are in a hole of your own making. I think people dig their own hole of problems.

Furthermore, there are situations in life that we take for granted. Not knowing, at the end of it you’ll end up suffering.

Optimism is a gift. Don’t take it for granted. It enables you to see the beauty of life beyond the problems that you are facing.

Sometimes, it’s a ticket to bail you out from the misery caused by the challenges in life. But, life is complicated and it is never simple.

Once you get used to your daily routine, you will be reminded that there is something that you need to know in order to progress.

Complication between you and even the person’s around are the source of stress. It is a constant struggle that we need to live it.

Therefore, it is not life if you not struggling. Because life is all about struggle. The world that we live in is a hug. It occupies different types of personality that we need to adjust the day today.

Everything that you feel and see right now is temporary. As long as you live, you’ll have a chance to progress.

I am Optimistic


But, never take for granted today. Moreover, you will not know what tomorrow holds. Also, there is no coming back to yesterday.

Yesterday will be a string of memories that you will recall from a daily basis. Those experiences will develop your character.

It is about how you handle life that counts. And, it is never about how big your problem is. Having a positive thought about life will bring you a long way.

Optimism fuels dreams. It allows the individual to strive hard. Stay true to what you believe in and always see the good in others.

As the sun rises, the world will reveal its beauty. The beauty of this world depends on how you view it.

Optimism has its own way of leading you to the life that you need to enjoy. Each of us is struggling.

The struggles of others are different from yours. But, it doesn’t that you need to act out the negativity that you are getting.

If you will that you’re surrounded by negativity. Pause for a while…. Breath in and out. Be aware of your breathing and your surrounding.

Then, think of positive thoughts. See yourself achieving the dreams that you always want. Love life and embrace its imperfections.

It is never too late to be optimistic. Life is still complex but we need to see it’s beauty from a different angle.


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