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Patience is what I need.

When good things are taking too long to manifest you are starting to lose faith

When good things are taking too long to manifest you are starting to lose faith.

Patience is what I need to get through the day. Time is testing me. Furthermore, I am in a point in my where I wan to give up. There are a lot of situation that I want to give up.

I’ve been asking for a miracle to happen but nothing seems to work. In addition, I’ve done everything I could just to make it happen. I’m at the end of my rope.

The good thing that I’ve been praying for is still not happening. It is slowly engulfing my energy. I don’t have the will to be optimistic anymore. Life has beaten me to a point where giving is a choice.

And, there are a lot of questions that need an answer. As a child, I have dreamed to have a family of my own. Holding my own child will be the ultimate gift that I want to experience above all.

And now that I’m ready, it is not happening. I don’t know if there is something wrong with me. The sad truth is, I’m afraid to know the facts. 

Moreover, I don’t want to be the fault of why we can’t make our own family. It will tear me to pieces if I’m the reason that we can’t conceive.

Family is everything and I want to experience one. Marriage will be much colorful when there is bundle of joy that will surround our house with laughter.

These are the plea of people that wants to conceive but is still unable to. I question my self all the time why aren’t they given a child if they are already ready. It’s a daily struggle that haunts them. 

There are a lot of kids who are homeless. People who are not deserving to have a child conceives. Those kids

It a course that slowly breaks the relationship of a couple. Without proper communication, you will be eaten up by the reality that you can’t have children of your own.

In addition, the pressure from the people around you is slowly building up as time pass by. Many pregnancy test kit had been used.

Patience is what I need


There are a lot of hope had turned into sorrow. I never imagined that this will happen to me.

Despite the struggle, I am still happy that I have a husband. But, when will this relationship last?

Without a child to rear. I think the thought of having a family is already a fetch from reality. I need to ready myself for the future. 

Patience and hope are what I really need right now. In this tough time, true love will let me see what should become of our relationship.

Good things will happen soon. All I need is a bucket of patience and a will to continue my journey. Nothin is impossible.

When good things are taking too long to manifest you are starting to lose faith. This might be true. But I’m here to prove it wrong.





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