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The world needs to be kind

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.

Nowadays,  People focus on the freedom of speech and how free they are in speaking out their mind. They are not worried about the consequence that it could bring to the person that reads their nasty comments.

Little Kindness, that is all that we need. Due to the advent of social media and the world wide web, news and trending topics reach us within seconds.

Furthermore, each of us has an opinion about things.  Now, we are able to express what we feel about the topic. Hearsays and factual information can’t be distinguished.

In addition, we are free to write a comment and post a video reaction about issues that the world wide web talks about.

Most often, we are busy browsing our phone for the new thing that could occupy our time.  Meanwhile, life happens during those moments. Time is getting shorter because of what we do to it.

Our mind is preoccupied of the things that don’t really matter. It creates a distraction not only to us but to the people around us.

Relationships are now flashed on our eyes in our social media accounts. Let us bear in mind that not everything that we saw or read on the web is true.

Since social media today is one of the biggest marketing platforms. Companies big or small use social media to advertise their products, services or even the person itself.

Be vigilant and try to recognize that truth from the fads.

We should not immediately conclude that we know everything by posting nasty comments since our identity is concealed.

Or even if you are brave, you might use your personal account to comment on an issue that you think impacts you.

Let us focus on the things that really matter, and that is your goal.  Create your own footprint that could make a difference in this world.

Little Kindness, Just add a little


It is easy for us to immediately judge something because most of the people we know talk about it. Yes, our opinion matters. But, there is a nicer way and pointing out your opinion.

Notice that you only have limited time in this world use it wisely. Also, think twice before pressing that button.

What you are as a person should still reflect your social media identity. A study was conducted that people truly speak their mind using the social media platform.

They are at ease in posting because they thought that the person who they’re commenting about doesn’t know them.

We too have problems and we are not perfect. Let us not use our voice to be critical towards others.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But we still need to wise and make sure that our opinion doesn’t hurt somebody’s feelings.

Even if it’s truth make it a habit to put kind words on how  you say or write it.

Remember, that person that you are bashing online is still a human being. Moreover, he or she has an emotion that can still feel hurt.

What we need is a little kindness towards others. And most of all we need to be kind to ourselves. 

Be responsible for what you put out there, it might bite your back in the future.


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