R. Kelly explosive expose’ about decades of abuse and Pedophilia

The Musician who’s real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly was accused for decades of domestic abuse and pedophilia is now in Jail.

The R&B singer sang soulfully. He was famous for the inspirational song “I Believe I can fly”.

He is in jail due to unpaid child Support.

R. Kelly has three children with ex wife Andrea Lee (Jay Kelly, Joan Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr. ).

For the past decades there had been speculations about the R&B singers fetish for young girls.

Andrea also an ex back up dancer detailed on the documentary Surviving R. Kelly the abused that she was subjected for the past decade that they were married. The ex wife of R. Kelly was locked up in their house.

When this explosive news appeared on the media Andrea doesn’t have any clue. Most but not all felt that they were in love and have a relationship with the singer.

Based on the interview they felt connected and they don’t see the things that R. Kelly done to them as an abuse.

Andrea Lee even attempt to end her life by jumping to a balcony. She broke in tears during the interview because she is so guilty about the act.


Her children together with R. Kelly witnessed the suicidal act. Andrea Lee decided to end their marriage and moved on.

The young singer Aaliyah was also linked to the singer. One of the girls from the documentary mentioned that they witnessed the sexual act on the tour bus while playing pranks Aaliyah died on a tragic accident in 2001.

Many knew about the affair. The closest people to the couple confirmed that they got married. When Aaliyah was just fifteen years documents were falsified to make the wedding a reality. Aaliyah own uncle admitted that he processed the paper to make the wedding possible.

They never admitted the marriage publicly.

Due to the #metoomovement woman around the world who suffered abuse from famous and powerful people especially Hollywood came out.

Evidence mounted and even the video scandal showing R. Kelly had sex with a minor surfaced. R. Kelly himself admitted that he had multiple girlfriends that are living with him.

The people are enraged because he got acquitted.

R. Kelly he was not proven guilty of the act. The girl on the video was never proven to be a minor.In fact, Sparkle the Protege’ of the singer confirmed that it is her niece on the video.

Her family didn’t back her up and she was shut down on the process.

Sparkle the protege’ of the singer R.Kelly confirmed that it’s her niece on the sex video.

The women interviewed on Surviving R.Kelly Documentary confirmed that the girl on video is fourteen at the time it happened.

Explosive interview

The R&B singer had an explosive interview with ABC news which was interviewed by Gayle King. He went ballistic while Gayle King ask her about the abused allegation towards minor.

Based on the ABC news interview with Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage speculations about R. Kelly abuse are not true.

People who had seen the interview felt that the two are brainwashed and felt that they were attacked. Gayle King told the ABC News that R.Kelly is behind the board while the two women is being interviewed.

They adamantly argue the Robert or R. Kelly has been very supportive of them.

Her allegedly girlfriends Azriel and Joycelyn seems genuinely on the singers side. The parents of both girls are pleading to the media that their daughters had been brainwashed and are forced to say all those word.

Gayle king also mentioned in ABC News that during the interview R. Kelly made sure that the two girls know that he is in the room.

The chronicle of R. Kelly’s abuse towards woman may be exposed today, but its been going on for the past decade.

Woman needs to stand up for what is right.


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