The Legally Blonde actress revealed something Unexpected

Selma Blair Broke in Tears

Selma Blair and epitome of Beauty and Strength.

When Legally Blonde the movie aired and became a box office back in 2001.

Everyone was talking about the actors and actresses behind the famous chick movie.

We never forgot about Reese Witherspoon who played Elle Woods as the wealthy, fashionable and beautiful Fashion Merchandising Student.

Legally Blonde will never be a box office hit without the help of the villain turn friend.

Vivian Kensington also known as Selma Blair a classmate of Elle Woods in Harvard for the movie Legally blonde.

Selma Blair showed up at the Vanity Oscar Party with a beautiful stripes multi-colored long gown, accessorised with her diamond embellished cane.

The actress posted last October 2018 on her instagram account @selmabalir that she had Multiple Sclerosis.

The Disease

So much has change for her. She had blockbuster hits for two decades now. While attending the Oscar party between the glamorous outfit and flashes of the camera. Selma Blair Broke into tears.

Multiple Sclerosis affected her voice and gait. This Beautiful strong woman remained unbreakable. She fights for her life and for her son.

Multiple Sclerosis is a potentially disabling disease of brain and spinal cord. Symptoms varies for every individual depending on the nerve damage.

An exclusive interview of the ABC News revealed her spasmodic speech and can’t hardly utter a word without stuttering.

She admitted that after learning her diagnosis which is Multiple Sclerosis crying was her reaction.

Ever since her son was born the symptoms appeared. She self medicated at first knowing that it’s only fatigue that’s causing the symptoms.

Most of the time she is in pain and struggling. She was not taken seriously by doctors and thought that she is just exhausted of his work.

Admitting the diagnosis to her only son became a relief. They can now take measures to help her in the episodes of involuntary movement and dropping things that can danger both their lives.

The actress will now undergo a series of physical therapy to improve muscle control.

Acceptance of the situation and seeing a silver lining during the process makes her feel positive for the future.


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