Arthritis and Pain

Arthritis and Pain are hindering us to enjoy Life.

The common perception is that arthritis is an old person’s disease and there’s nothing you can do about it but suck it up. If you do, maybe you are suffering from arthritis.

Arthritis and pain are one of the most debilitating conditions that we can have. Furthermore, it limits our ability to enjoy life. 

In addition, arthritis is a common disease that affects older adults.  But, there is a lot of situation that might affect all of us.

Life is more beautiful if you are not physically suffering from pain caused by arthritis. Undoubtedly, in the advent of technology, we have a lot of option for our treatment.

But, we still need to consider that there a lot of things that you can do to prevent this disease.

Pain and swelling is usually a signal that there is something wrong with our body. It gives us

a hint that we need to do something before it goes and unnoticed and we end up in the hospital with medical bills piling up.

There are a lot of things that we can do to prevent this disease. Others say that it goes with age because as you grow old your joints degenerate that ultimately will cause swelling in different parts of your body.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more joints in the body. The involved joints may be warm, swollen, tender and painful, especially during movement.

What are the types of arthritis?


  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. Gouty arthritis
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Lupus Arthritis

Osteoarthritis – The most common arthritis characterized by degenerative of acicular cartilage and changes in the bone accompanied by pain and stiffness.

Gouty Arthritis – results from a large amount of uric acid deposited in the joints and other structures like the ear cartilage,  fat tissues, and kidneys.

Rheumatoid arthritis– an inflammatory connective tissue disease coming among women which is characterized by bilateral symmetrical joint disease.

Lupus Arthritis- A multi-organ disease affecting young women with butterfly rash in the face.

How do you develop Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis may result from the following:

  1. Wear and tear of joints due to aging
  2. Family tends to develop arthritis
  3. Obesity causing extra stress on the joints
  4. Joint Trauma due to sports injury
  5. Joint inflammation secondary to gout or rheumatoid arthritis

What are the symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

  1. Arthritic patients company of pain, stiffness, and swelling of joints( Hands, knees, ankles and hips)
  2. Arthritic joints produce deformities especially in the hands and fingers
  3. Many patients may not exhibit symptoms even if x-ray findings show arthritic changes.

Osteoarthritis is very common and usually affects people who are over 45 years old. The incidence increases with age.

With aging and repetitive use, the cartilage which protects the joints and cushions the bones during movement breaks down.

When the joint is used, the cartilage is damaged. Repair process sets in with new cartilage formation.

The bones then respond by growing, and spurs are formed which hamper joint movement and cause pain.

How to manage Osteoarthritis?

The goal of treating osteoarthritis are to reduce or receive pain and inflammation and increase mobility.

  • Rest
  • Exercise-muscle stretching and strengthening
  • weight reduction
  • use of analgesic/ anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Physical Therapy- heat and exercise fo weight-bearing joints
  • Joint protection with the use of canes, braces, bandages and walking aids
  • Joint replacement in severe cases

Drugs that are described by a physician to relieve pain and swelling

  1. Paracetamol is given for minimal inflammation and swelling.
  2. NSAID or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug are advised if your joints are painful and swollen and you find it difficult to move.

If the pain and swelling of joints persist see your doctor immediately. It is still important for you to seek help from a medical doctor. Avoid self-medication and be vigilant to other remedies that may worsen your condition.


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