Alkaline Water : Why People go crazy over it.

Alkaline water. What does it do to your body? Why people today frenzy over it?

Alkaline Water
Does pH Count?

Water in general is alkaline in nature. pH is the power of hydrogen to make the substance acidic or alkaline.

Regular tap water pH is 7 to 7.5 , while Alkaline water is 8 to 9 pH. Most people associate harmful chemicals to be acidic and it disrupts our Health. Allowing the Alkaline water to be a solution in reducing the acidity of our body. Hence making us Healthy.

There are a lot of studies that came out featuring the Health Benefits of Alkaline water. Arguments are still swirling whether alkaline water is really necessary replacement for the regular potable water that we are used to.

Even the commercial industry manufactured and advertised a lot of drinking water which claims to be alkaline. Sexy models and actors are the main theme in endorsing this Alkaline water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Ultra Hydrating
  2. Boost Immunity
  3. With potent antioxidants and other detoxifying properties
  4. Weight loss
  5. Colon Cleansing ability
  6. Cancer resistance
  7. Reduce Lower Back pain
  8. Adds benefit to chemotherapeutic agent that needs a higher pH
  9. Decreases risk for Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus II
  10. Anti-aging Properties

History of Alkaline Water

Modern water ionization allowed the creation of what we knew today as alkaline water.

Michael Faraday was the major proponent why water ionization is present today.His theory and invention lead to the the fabrication of the water ionization that was developed by Japan on 1950’s.

The first commercial water ionization were available in Japan in 1958.

Japan then introduced the technology to South Korea in the 1970’s.

The korean made a commercialized model and sold it to the United States of America on 1985.

Thirty years after it skyrocketed to what we known as the Alkaline Water today. Marketed as a product that helps reduce diseases and brings wellness.

Harmful Effects of Alkaline water

  1. Disrupts the normal pH of the body.
  2. Electrolyte imbalance
  3. Nausea and Vomiting
  4. Alkalosis which decrease calcium in the body
  5. Decreases bone health

Modern ionization uses artificial process to increased the alkalinity of the water.

Water is a natural occurring substance that is organically alkaline as it pass through natural rocks and springs. Minerals combine with water during this process adds alkalinity.

There are no solid studies as of today that drinking alkaline water versus drinking regular potable water makes a difference.

In our modern day it’s our own choice that counts. Water is only one substance compared to other substance that we consume.

Safe drinking water whether alkaline or not is still good and this is all what we need. Drink plenty of water everyday.


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