Be Thankful

No matter how hard this life will bring you can lean on me

It’s reassuring to feel that someone decided to pat you on the back and simply say. You can lean on me no matter what happens.

You can lean on me. These are the words that we want to hear in times of needs.

You are lucky if you already found that special someone that you can totally pour out your heart into and never gets judged.

All of us needs someone that we can trust. Someone who sees’s through us and really understand our body language.

There a lot of times in my lie wherein I felt alone and the only thing that I long for is an honest companion.

Moreover, I longed for someone that can accept my flaws no matter what happens. Something inside me is searching for the right person.

I have felt betrayed and most of the time taken for granted by the people that I thought loved me.

The thought of me finding that perfect balance between friendship and romantic relationship is a dream of mine.

I have been searching far and wide but I couldn’t still find him. Furthermore, no man is an island. It is imperative for you to find someone that you can share your happiness and sorrow.

No matter how successful you are if you don’t have someone that you can share it with, it is still useless.

I admire those individuals who devote themselves to singleness. Despite the hardship in life, they are still able to conquer it all.

Although this may be true, I still longed to be with someone that I can lean on. In the same fashion, I felt that I have so much love that I can give and I want to pour it out to someone that will be mine forever.

You can Lean on Me

You can lean on me

A few moments of happiness with that someone is what I need. It’s hard to be alone. My heart is already filled with sadness whenever I see a couple holding hands and smile with each other.

I guess my time will come soon. So, today I just need to develop my self enjoy every moment of it.

Once that time comes I will be filled with joy. In the meantime, I will learn to love myself and develop my character.

On the other hand, the loneliness that I have felt inside is just something that I need to work on. I will be ready for you my love.

Considering the things that I’ve been through lately. Happiness is a choice, and I chose to be happy while waiting for you.

More importantly, I have come to realize that I can still be happy on my own. But I know that I’ll be happier when I find him.

I have faith that destiny will let us meet halfway.  My journey is not over. It just starting to make sense. 

I’m leaning on the tough that I’m ready to face him. He might not be the person that I asked for but he is the perfect one for me.

No matter the circumstance is I am ready for him to lean on me. 



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