My Life, My Job, My Career: How Simple Family Structure Redefined Helped Me Succeed

Nuclear Family

By: TheBeautyofLifePH

Family is basic unit of our society. The definition varies from county to county and generation to generation.

I’m the only one in our class who only has a mother for parent. Feeling incomplete is a constant reminder that I need to prove myself.

Never have I thought that this lingering feeling will hunt me until now. I’m in my early thirty’s married and happy. My father is alive and he has his own family.

But there’s something missing. Something or someone that I still long for.

People always say that I came from a broken family….

I want to prove them wrong.

As child I was always baffled by the idea of a broken family? Am I alone? Does anybody care what I felt? Who will rescue me when I’m in trouble? Even if I’m with a relative/ grandparents house I still had a feeling of discontentment. I’m seeking for something that needs to fill my inner longing.

As a child I often compare myself to others. I could see both of their parents attend school activities and meetings. L

Don’t get me wrong I have a happy childhood, and I wont change it for anything else.

Since my mom and dad aren’t together people assume that I’m into no good. I always hear their whispers telling me that I’m not good enough and that I’ll end up like my mother, knocked-up and was left alone to struggle all her life.

What is a Broken Family Anyway?

It only entails that you don’t either have a mother or a father.

Nowadays, family dynamics differ. I come to the realization that every family is unique and that I don’t consider my family broken.

My family is normal. We do have a lot arguments and we don’t get along, but I consider this my family, however dysfunctional we are from the eyes of of other people.

Types of Family

Before we only consider these types of Family structure

  1. Nuclear Family – Which consist of a Mother, Father and Children.

2. Extended Family- Composed of the member of the Nuclear family Plus the Grand Parents.

A Grandmother reading her Grandsons

3. Blended Family – a family structure were either one of the parent had children on their own, prior to union.

Modern Family Structure- Redefined

Now we have different types of additional family structures that deviates from the norm. But they are still consider family.

1.Single Parent family – Consist of one parent that either male or female that raises one or two children on their own. Also known as the “Lone parent Family

2. Gay or Lesbian familycomposed of either Gay or Lesbian family who chose to adopt a child or have of their partner conceive the baby and raise it as their own.

Gay Family with Children

3. Childless Family-This are couple who could not conceive or chose to not have children

Family in what structure is the unit of our society where love and nurturing starts. Each of us has different Family dynamics. It’s one of the aspects of our life that contributes to what we are today. Love your Family. Give them compassion above everyone else.

Know this!

  • Family will always be family.
  • Broken Family Doesn’t exist they are bonded beyond blood.
  • Fights among Family member is common. Don’t dwell on it.
  • Learn to forgive. It will remove the weight from your shoulder.
  • No one is perfect. So don’t blame yourself or others for the things that you don’t have control

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