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Think of thing that really make you happy

Pursue the things that make you happy. No matter how simple it is. The most important thing is you are your authentic self while doing it.

Pursue the things that make you happy. No matter how simple it is. The most important thing is you are your authentic self while doing it.

Pursue Happiness because it the right thing to do. You are going to realize it one day that happiness was never about your job, or your degree or even being in a relationship.

Furthermore, Happiness was never about following the footsteps of all those who come before you. That, it is never about liking others or being liked by others in return.

One day, you are going to see it that happiness was always about the discovery, the hope, the listening to your heart and following it, wherever it chooses to go.

In fact, Happiness was always about embracing the person you are becoming. The happiness was always about learning how to live with yourself, the happiness was never in the hands of other people. It was always about you.

Most of us seek happiness wherever we go. It might be in the form of a dress you like. Those expensive gifts that you give yourself or just simply planning those extravagant vacations.

The ultimate goal is to be happy or just experience joy and happiness for a specific amount of time.

We work hard just to get the things that we want. All of our hours are drained with deadlines and never-ending reports that need to be submitted.

In addition, we are bombarded by new inventions and technologies that might catch our attention. Those things usually refocus our attention to what is right.

I remembered the story about a farmer resting below a shaded tree at ten in the morning. He was busy farming his small land and decided to rest for a while. A millionaire passed by, stricken about the sight the millionaire went out from his luxury car and decided to scold the farmer.

Pursue Happiness


“Hey, you!” the millionaire said. Yes! the farmer replied with a calm demeanor. Aren’t you tired of your life?

It’s only ten in the morning and you decided to slack off and take some rest instead of working hard to get rich, be comfortable in life and be happy just like me.

The farmer replied. “ I’m already happy and contented with what I have, and I don’t need to bust my ass off and confine with the norm that other people impose on you. I control my own happiness.

You have to undergo all of those hardships just to get happiness when in fact you have an option to be happy with what you have. I am not slacking off just because I am resting. It’s called my happy hour.

With realization, the millionaire bolts off and decided to live the poor farmer alone.

This world has shown us a lot of picture-perfect life that we thought we want. Those things that we see are not the happiness that we want.

Look inside you and don’t be afraid to give on to the things that make you happy. Pursue your happiness. Your time is limited here in the world.

Instead of working on a job that you don’t want, plan how to get your dream job. It may take some time to achieve but it will be worth it at the end.

Thus, happiness depends on you and not other opinions towards your life. So, Pursue your happiness. 


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