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There is no one of you in the entire universe

We are all unique and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe

We are all unique and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe.

Each of us is gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure. To discover our own special light.

Growing up for me is hard. I don’t have a solid family that I can look up to and I was born by a single mother who used all her abilities to nurture me.

I could not complain because I am a living witnessed to the sacrifices that mother did just to give me a good life and have a better education.

But, comparing myself to others is one of the things that drag me all my life. Mostly, I have asked the universe why did all of these things happen to me.

Furthermore, I have developed in my heart resentment towards others. They treat me differently because I don’t wear a beautiful dress or even look beautiful.

What I have is only a unique set of quality that I developed over time. Crowds bother me because I usually could not be noticed when I’m in them. And, that bothers me a lot.

The feeling that I’m just ordinary and mediocre. People don’t look back when they see me. I’m merely a person that they say from a distance and doesn’t have any interesting qualities that could make them wander.

Deep inside I was full of jealousy towards my peers. Jealous because I don’t have fair skin like theirs.

My clothes are old and are out of style. During those time I felt, useless because no one cares for me.

You are Unique


I do feel and look awkward. But, as I grew I realized that the opinion of others doesn’t matter. What matters is the opinion of the people that truly loves and cares for me.

The qualities that I have condemned in the past became my assets. Those unique things made me the person that I was destined to be.

Everything really happens for a reason. I have been bullied and stoop down to all my life. Today, life is bearable.  I can now do things that I want without asking for validation from others.

That it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from it. You beauty differs from the standards of the world.

You don’t need validation from others. What you need is the confidence to trust yourself.

Self-love is more important than what other people say. People will still have a  say to you no matter what you do.

So, do the things that make you happy even if doesn’t conform with the norm. We are crafted beautifully and uniquely

Our uniqueness should never hinder us to achieve our dreams.  The physical aspect of what people view you as a person will not matter.

As long as you show them what you really are. Have faith that people will accept you if you learn to accept yourself first.

Follow your heart. Use your unique abilities to find the true meaning of your existence. Nothing is more important than your own happiness.

Each of us was created to be unique and fit on the puzzle of what we called the universe. The bigger picture will make sense once you accepted your true and authentic self.



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