A Real man can’t be Stolen

If another woman steals your man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. A real man can't be stolen

If another woman steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him. A real man can’t be stolen

What is a real man? I still can’t define what a real man should be. In today’s world where a relationship last in the blink of an eye and a swipe and flick on the phone can instantly connect two people.

A real man should be beyond the photos that they post on their social media account.

No one is excepted from this dilemma. Most of the experienced people that I know say that there will come a time when your man will try to have a relationship with a different woman.

What should we do then? Furthermore, we all agreed that we are humans and we do commit a mistake.

The quote above defining a real man is still causing me to question the things that I’ll do if my husband will cheat on me with a different woman.

Should I let him go if he chose to cheat or will I fight for what’s right? Today I could say considering the years, efforts and feelings that I have spent on him I choose to fight.

I don’t know with those why who chose to give up on their husband. In addition, I believe in marriage.

The vows that we have made, I take them seriously. I will love him through tough times. Even if he says he doesn’t say he loves me.

I’ll remind him about the love that we shared before. It is the same love that made us decide to marry in the first place.

Because of this, I will choose to fight no matter what. Life too short to just give up on that quickly.

I know that I sound desperate. But this is only my opinion. Consequently, I believe that we girls as a girlfriend or as a wife should know our rights.

It may be legally or as an official partner. Be aggressive enough to fight for what you love.

Real Man

Real Man

But, if you feel that it’s not worth fighting for, learn to let go and move on. Remember, that best revenge is simply showing that person that you are still capable of progress without them in your life.

A real man should know how to choose from right or wrong. Know your worth and pick up the pieces.

You are still you and no one can change it. Even though you are broken to pieces you can still continue with life as long as you breathe.

Don’t ever beg for love. Because love will find it’s way to you. What you need to do is learn to love yourself.

Respect the other person’s decision. It is a painful process. But it still a process that I’m sure you can still get over with.

You are a beautiful and strong woman. Tell yourself that you are not the reason that he left. He left because he is a coward and could not keep his promise.

He doesn’t deserve you, especially your love. Find someone who understands you as you are. 

Open your heart to every possibility. There are a billion people in this world. I’m sure that you will find someone that will possess the qualities that you dreamed of.

But today, just heal yourself. Bitterness is normal. Just don’t let them see how broken and desperate you are.

Stay strong and you’ll get over him soon.



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