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Unplug yourself from everything that is toxic

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few times. including you.

Learn to unplug yourself from the toxic work environment, relationship and people. Life is too short to spend it with people who don’t appreciate what you do.

Be your authentic self. The continuous toxic environment will leave you powerless at the end. Before that time comes, try to gather your thoughts and refresh your mind with a break.

A brief disconnect from the toxic world will bring you so much you. Moreover, it will let you think clearly.

In addition, your prospects in life will be focused on. When everything seems to be hard and you think that you are at your breaking point, take a deep breath and just have a vacation.

If social media reminds you of how your life is miserable deactivate it for a while. It will do a lot of magic in your life. Now, you don’t have to be busy browsing someone else’s profile. Just focus on your personal profile first.

Now, you’ll have so much time to discover new things. Learning and fun are not limited to your five-inch smartphone or any gadgets that you use.

In the world where technology serves a lot of purpose but not authentic your happiness, unplug yourself.

Literally, unplug for a day and see what could you do within twenty-four hours without using any gadget.

You will be tempted at first but learn to resist. This is an effective experiment. It will be awkward because you can’t focus your thought on something else rather than yourself.

Remind yourself that you too can see the beauty of life without the aid of those gadgets.

Unplug yourself


As a matter of fact, technology only makes us dumb. Oftentimes we rely on technology to do simple things for us that we forget to function as a normal human being.

We still need to use our mind for simple computation. You are allowing yourself to be more reliant on technology if you are not using your own brain.

Our eyes are amazed at every flick of our screen that we forget to enjoy the simple things in life.

Oftentimes, we search for information on the web that only we can answer if we look closer inside.

Pause from the craziness around you. Give yourself a break and be magnified with tangible things.

Of course, the graphics on your phone and computer are much vivid. But nothing beats the reality of the picture that you can only view on your screen

We have five senses and we need to use them for our own sake. Our senses diminish as we grow old.

So, while we are young we need to make the most out of it. Bathe on the rain, smell a fresh flower, taste a new cuisine, feel the texture of sand and smell the breeze of the sea.

Appreciate what you have. Your senses are already a complex tool that you can use to enjoy things around you.

Walk, run, sleep and swim. Be active at all times. It will help the blood flow on your veins. In return, your body can function on an optimum level.

Develop what you have rather than looking on your phone screen for something that you are not.

Every beauty that you have seen on social media post are not real. They are merely a good angled picture or a manufactured video.

You are far more important than you think. Unplug for a while and you will be ready for the things that are coming your way.


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