Love your wife

Love thy wife for a happy married Life

Love thy wife as thy self; honor her more than thyself. He who lives unmarried lives without joy…The children of a man who marries for money will prove a curse to him. All the blessings of the household come through the wife, therefore should her husband honor her

Love your wife more than anything else. Finding a wife that you can spend your life with is such a tedious and tiring task.

Once you find someone who accepts and understands you for who you then marry her. But, marriage is not the end and both of you will not live happily ever after.

Loving someone doesn’t mean that you will not hurt them. It only means that you will show her respect and still manages to appreciate her even on how disheveled her look.

You married her because you have seen something special in her. Physical beauty does fade over time.

The only thing that matters is the person that you marry and not the person that she was before.  You marry THE PERSON, not A PERSON.

Learn to appreciate and still give her flowers. They say that relationship is like starting school all over again.

Furthermore, learning and studying your partner is a lifestyle experience. Because the person that you marry will not stay the same as they are before.

They will change their appearance, values, and ideas. Likewise, your wife will act differently over time. So, it’s up to you on how to react to her.

She might get on your nerve sometimes but still, learn to understand where she is coming from. Women are self-conscious. They tend to oversize every situation. She might cry and throw some tantrums from time to time.

But, still, never give up on her and say that everything will be okay.

Love Your Wife

Love your wife

It is imperative to let your wife feel that they are appreciated. I mean, nothing beats a simple compliment.

Material gifts will not matter if they feel that it was not given wholeheartedly. Men usually used those things to console their wives.

But, we need to realize that what your wives need is just a compliment or a wholeheartedly sorry.

Your wife will be the shoulder that you can cry on through tough times. Love her, respect her and most of all find a way to give her compliment.

Staying in love doesn’t mean that you need to cuddle all the time. Love is much deeper than emotions and physical intimacy.

It a feeling that you can’t grasp. Love is selfless, it is the feeling that you get when you know that you have someone to count on no matter what happens.

It is never too late to start fresh. If you see your wife crying or somewhat too busy to take care of herself, pause for a while and made her laugh.

Give her your undivided attention. Say nice things to her and look at her as if she is the only woman in the world.

Your life will love you more than anything. Find the true beauty that has captivated you in the first place.

Simply, Love your Wife for it is the right thing to do.


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