Don't Complain

Don’t Complain about Others.

Changing the FACE can’t change anything. But, FACING THE CHANGE can change everything. Change yourself if you want peace

Complaining is a regular thing that we do. No matter how rich, poor, famous, beautiful and ugly we are. Each of us finds something to complain about.

People will have an opinion about something. Don’t dwell on that external voice. Focus on what you really feel and start from it. Being at peace with others is life juggling a double edge sword.

Moreover, you will never know when those sharp edges will slice you. Changing the Face of your enemy will never change anything.

Wherever you go there will always be a challenge. This world is both a gift and a curse. No one is exempted because we are a part of a bigger picture.

Changing your location and scenery is another thing. If you want to excel face the problem head-on.

The first thing that you need to change is your attitude towards something or someone. It’s merely impossible to control your own emotion.

So, don’t get frustrated if you can’t control someone else. Everyone has an opinion, you need to realize that you can’t control what they think or feel.

Change yourself and decide to focus on things that will make you happy. Not everyone will be pleased with your achievement.

You need to realize that jealousy is just around the corner.  Having a tough shell and well adjusted demeanor is what you need to combat life.

Eventually, there are fights that you will encounter which are not worth fighting for. You are not giving my dear, its just that there are people who are so narrow-minded that they can’t let anyone win.

You are more capable of greater things. Don’t let yourself stoop to their level. What you need is to gather your strength and move forward to the things that really need your help.

Change your attitude towards your success. Your time here on earth is limited. Furthermore, don’t waste your time arguing with someone who doesn’t have the same wavelength of thinking.

Don’t Complain

Don't Complain

Notice that life has given you so much to work on. Focus your attention towards greatness rather than listening to others opinion about yourself.

In fact, You are the only one who knows what you are capable of. Importantly, show what you really are.

Nothing is impossible. If you remove self-doubt it will be possible. You are the only person who is preventing your own success.

Trust your gut. Follow the desires of your heart. Start creating the life that you always dreamed of. 

Everything will just reveal itself at the right time. Everything that is happening to you right now will have a purpose for your future.

Don’t question God, He is the only one who accepts and knows you better.

Finally, change for the better. There might be something that you have done in the past that you are not proud of.

Remember, no is perfect and we are made this way. Everyone has a reason to be sad but they chose to be happy.

Don’t focus on negative things. Learn to appreciate the positive side of being a human.


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