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The Minimalism Style: Be minimal in your own way.

Having more and more won't solve the problem. Happiness doesn't lie in possessions.

Minimalism it is a style or technique that is characterized by extreme Spareness and Simplicity.

Minimalism style is a trend focusing mainly on what we need.

The world is full of things that we don’t need. Moreover, we ore taught in a subtle way that we need something to complete us.

When in fact, we only need simple things to exist and interact. We all know that happiness can’t be bought with money.

Previous research shows that the more money that you spend on something the lesser happy you are. And, joy is only felt in a few minutes it doesn’t last long.

Commercials are everywhere. They have already moved into a virtual world where everything could be advertised.

Furthermore, consumers are enticed with glistening products and catchy tagline to buy more of their stuff.

Thus, factories around the world are non-stop in manufacturing the goods that we crave for. Technology had changed a lot for the past few years. It was beneficial at the beginning, but today it made everything worse.

The culprit is not technology, it is the people who used technology to gain money. Certainly, money makes the world go round.

With advances in technology came sleepless and stressful night. No one is allowed to sleep anymore.

We could communicate with people around the world with just a flick on your mobile phones.

The people are overcrowding the cities, leaving forest devastated and oceans polluted. The garbage is piling up.

Even unused clothes are off to date instantly due to FAST FASHION. Those unused clothes end up in landfill because manufacturers don’t want to give them for free.

Therefore, we live in a world full of waste because of the things that we thought we need.

The Minimalism Style

Minimalism Style

Being a minimalist a new movement of people who really care. They have noticed that they only live check by check to buy the things that they only need.

Purchasing trending clothes and posting them on their social media. Looks and outfits are not for wearing.

They are merely accessories to show that they too can buy and wear those stuff. Unknowingly, our mentality towards things is being plagiarised by media.

We are tricked into a different reality. Social media became the norm that it replaced the reality of the world. Every trending thing 

Have you noticed that you already spent your time surfing the web for the latest craze, or the latest news?

And most of the time, everyone is talking about it. You get curious and indulge yourself to the idea of wanting something no matter what.

It gives you a sense of purpose.  Unnoticeably, you allowed yourself to be imprisoned by something that is beyond your means.

In the end, those things will not complete you. Humans are a vessel with a hole below that could not be filled no matter what you do.

I am not saying that you only need to own two shirts, a pair of pants and a backpack.

What I want you to realize is style and fashion grows old. The most important thing is you don’t compromise yourself in having something that is out of your means.

Besides, the only person who knows what you are capable of is you. Stop pleasing other people because your happiness will not depend on them.

Happens comes from inside. If you are truly happy it will reflect towards your action. And, the people around you will notice the glow and love you for what you are.



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