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You Care: Caring is more than Sympathising

A woman that gets mad is a woman who cares. That's because she's concerned about you and she only wants what is best for you.

A woman that gets mad is a woman who cares. That’s because she’s concerned about you and she only wants what is best for you. When she doesn’t get mad anymore, that’s when you’ll know she stopped caring.

You care if you put yourself in their shoes. Moreover, caring is more than calm and caring words. It is your action that will show how you truly care for someone.

My heart was broken when I say that family. They lived in a two-story house made of bamboo and old wood.

The size of the house is merely three feet in with and five feet in length. A sixty-five-year-old asked help because her one year grandchild was sick.

He had a fever for the past four days. You could see on her eyes that she too needs some rest. In addition, her clothes are disheveled and she couldn’t even comb her hair.

A two-year-old boy was also clinging on her waist. They walk at least half a kilometer from their house to the clinic.

Furthermore, her one-year-old grandchild that she is carrying had a high fever to be exact thirty-nine degrees centigrade.

In addition, the sixty-five-year-old grandma was left with three grandchild ages from four, two and the one-year-old.

They live on a shack beside the street.  There are holes around the house and you need to climb a self-made ladder just to enter their house.

I asked her, “What did you do in the last four days to alleviate the fever?” She replied, “I just dived a paracetamol tablet into half and dissolved it into water.”

She gave the medicine every four just to help with the fever. When I look at her I see my grandma, she already suffered enough and at the end of her years, she is still taking care of those innocent angels.

You Care

You Care

The parents of those kids left them for her to take care. I don’t know the complete story, maybe they do have the reason of their own.

But, right now the only thing that I’m feeling is compassion towards the old woman and her grandchildren.

Conversely, the situation made me realize that I am still fortunate. I have a lot of choices to choose from.

Health is already wealth for me. I may not even most beautiful things that the world has to offer, at least I have a home and a husband to go back to.

I have appreciated that life has given me so much to work on. That nothing is an accident. Moreover, everything happens for a reason.

Every situation shows you a different aspect of what you could become or how far you have gone on your journey.

We don’t need to dwell on the things that we don’t have. Most importantly, we live in a world where contentment is not present.

It is human nature to search for something that we don’t have. I think it is one of our mechanism for development. This may be true, but we need to learn that happiness comes from how contented you are today.

You can’t bring back the past and you’re not sure of your future. What we have is the present. Finally, we need to live as if it’s our last. Do the things that will make you happy and you will not have a dull moment.


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