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You will realize how blessed you are once you are at lowest point

Something Very Beautiful Happens to people when their world has fallen. Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown for an undeniable breakthrough.

Something Very Beautiful Happens to people when their world has Fallen. Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown for an undeniable breakthrough.

You can only tell that you are at the lowest point when there’s nothing else to go but up.

The lowest of the lowest. How do you know if you are already at your lowest point? Life has given me so much shit that I can handle.

As a child, I imagine myself to get my dreams instantly as long as I work hard. Eventually, as I grow old I realized that hard work is not enough.

You need to be patient and enjoy every moment. Focus and driven people had their eyes on the goal that they forget to enjoy.

And once they achieve that goal they realize that it is not the ultimate destination. Furthermore, struggle is constant. Whether you are working on your dream job or still figuring out what you are at the age of thirty.

Then, you look around and noticed that everyone seems to know where they are going. But, there you are still figuring out what you are good at.

Somedays you enjoy living. But, most of the time you head is just above waters. You are just waiting for the right time to drown.

I don’t know if most people really know what they are doing. They seem to like it. I’m just here moping around and get myself busy watching fils and TV series that could evoke inspiration.

One day, I just realized that I’ve been spending my time doing things that don’t contribute to my growth.

I then question myself, what do want to be? You are not in your prime years. Get an up and focus. You only have a few more years to live.

They say that age doesn’t matter when you want to start a new career.

Indeed, all my life was directed towards acquiring things that I just want. But now, I realized that material things only give you a temporary feeling of joy.

Most of the time, you will feel that you have all the weight of the world on your shoulder.  Similarly, you recognize that same feeling.

The feeling that you are worthless and you are never enough.

Your Lowest Point

Lowest point

My dear, no one will carry the weight for you. In addition, the problem that you are facing right now is just challenges that will pass.

When you think there’s no solution to the problem, just look up and pray. Meditate and pour out your soul to him. God will never let you down. He is the alpha and the omega.

The lowest point in your life will teach you humility and how to be humble. It’s God’s way to teach us these values.

Problems come and go as they please. But God, he is always there by our side. You will only recognize his presence when you feel lonely.

Above all, you have been through a lot. Remember that you are strong and don’t let those problem break you.

Held your head up high. You are the bravest and courageous soul that live this earth.

Even though no one recognizes your effort, the all-seeing eyes of God are enough. You are His child and he will always be there to love and accept you no matter what.


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