Live in a different house

Live in a different house my darling.

Live in a different house after you get married. The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls. If you are content because the one you love is near you. Either upstairs or downstairs or in the same room. You will feel the warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about.

Marriage is a new chapter in your life. Living with a relative or a family member is a no brainer at first. But, you have your own family. Both of you need to move out and discover the type of family that you want to become.

Marriage is complicated as well as a rewarding thing. Everybody wants to marry the right person. In relation to this, more and more dating applications and sites pop up just to catch up with the demand.

In our modern day, dating is just one swipe and follow away. There’s no physical contact needed to communicate with someone and have a connection.

Social media has its way of using emoji and slang web words for us to make our message across.

But, marriage is a totally different aspect. My dear if you wish to be married you need to know this.

The person that you are dating right now has many sides. He or she might have shown how sweet they are, but you don’t know how they act at home.

Furthermore, home and house is a different thing. But, they actually pertain to the same aspect in our life that we need to establish firmly.

When you get married you are building a new home. So, when you build a new home you need a new house.

I’m not talking about the actual physical house that you need to build yourself. You can still live with your parents or relatives just for a short period while you’re finding a space to move to.

When I say a short period it only means weeks or a few months.

Having your own house will decrease the tension from both of you. You just got married and you are adjusting with each other.

If someone is in the house with you other than your significant other, that will be a different adjustment. Unknowingly, it will put a lot of stress on your relationship. 

Live in a different house

Married couple kissing

I love my In-laws so much. But, there are times when they get into my nerves. Most of the time they’re the cause why married couples fight.

It is not about there relationship anymore. Instead, their arguments are focused on the relative’s strain towards their relationship.

No one is excused from this. If you ask a married couple I’m sure that they will tell you the same thing.

It doesn’t matter how simple or small your house is. The most important thing is you have a living space that you can call your own.

No matter what happens you have something that you can call your own. Besides, owning a place to stay is one of the basic necessity.

Before you get your girl pregnant or decide to get married. Consider getting your own space.

You will not appreciate the importance of it today. But soon, you will realize that it will make sense.

Plan ahead and build a house and a home with a firm foundation. Trust and love should be the root and foundation of your home.

Finally, be patient with one another. Years will pass but you will still discover a lot of things from your partner that didn’t exist before. Be understanding and go back to the time kisses and hugs are your only language.


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