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Ideas and Actions: I have these ideas but I can’t seem to put them in action

Make sure that your actions and behaviors live up to and reflect the words and ideas, promises and commitments that come out of your mouth

Make sure that your actions and behaviors live up to and reflect the words and ideas, promises and commitments that come out of your mouth

Ideas and actions are two different things. Coming up with an idea is the greatest gift that a human mind can produce.

But, doing exactly what you formulated with your thought is an extreme opposite. You need determination, patience, and courage just to take your first step and to put those ideas into action.

An idea is a gift that our human mind can formulate. Most of the time, those ideas come from our life experiences and the people that we meet and the situations that we encounter.

Undoubtedly, ideas makes us realize that we are capable of something far more greater. A person who formulated a unique idea can use it to challenge what we know or provide ease to what we are doing currently.

It’s hard to formulate an idea. But, putting those ideas in action is a different thing. No one will know if an idea will work unless you test it.

For me, I have thought of ideas that may somewhat beneficial for that specific period of time. In the long run, those ideas were forgotten.

Most of the time I forget them because I don’t have the time to write it down or simply did not focus my energy to put in action.

Everyday is a fresh start.  Ideas come and go. I think the main thing that I need to work on is how to transform those ideas as an accomplishment.

I’m workaholic. Most of my energy is diverted to unnecessary things. Helping others usually is a distraction that I need to overcome.

I can’t say no and I need to practice being assertive in situations that warrant it. I don’t have a problem with helping others.

In return, the helping hand that I usually offer becomes my downfall. I’m to focus on someone else’s accomplishment that I’m forgetting my own priority.

Ideas and Actions

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First I need to focus. I’ve been doing this for almost a decade but I usually return to the same spot.

Initially, I’m on fire when I start a new project. For the long run, this is my routine. Once I got comfortable I enter a plateau state.

This is the state that I usually take a couple of years before me realizing that I’m not moving forward.

There are a lot of good ideas that needs to be done. But, there’s only a little time for me to achieve it.

More than anything else, there is that pressure that you need to perform well. I’m an achiever and I want to be recognized because of my effort.

The problem is due to lack of focus, my work is usually scattered and not goal driven.

I think my problem is helping others too much. Instead, I get busy a lot with other things. I need to discover how to break this cycle.

I don’t want to be on fire at the beginning and slowly burn out in the long run.

Doing the right thing and focus on my goal is the ultimate destination. You don’t need the approval of others to achieve the things that are meant for you.


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