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Choosing What the right thing is the hardest thing to do.

Choosing what is right. Sometimes is the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must. But take the step

Choosing what is right. Sometimes is the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must. But take the step.

Choosing what is right. When Choosing is the only choice. You can’t go back. Destiny decided for you to take another route. You should embrace it. Anxiety is temporary. You need to be ready for the future.

In life, we are faced with a dilemma all the time. Today I’m in a crossroad where I’m asked to choose between what I love to do versus the right thing to do.

This is a bad time and it’s hard for me to decide. I want to develop in terms of my career and move up.

Instead, I’m anchored down with my responsibilities. I don’t know if I’ll say that this is an excuse for me to take a different road.

But, at the back of mind, I know that I can do the job well. Furthermore, it is time to choose between your career and family.

I chose the road where I could serve my family first. It might be a cliche’ for some. But, for me, it is my top priority.

I know my abilities. In addition, I have the ability to learn something if I really put my mind into it.

Everything will reveal itself in the proper time. Now, I’m holding on to the hope that there is something great waiting just for me.

Soon, everything will make sense. Today, I need to be patient and divert my attention to the things that will help my family.

I came from a broken family. Maybe this is the reason why I value family above all. Sacrificing my career is a no brainer.

No one knows how hurt I am. For a long time, I’ve worked hard and ended up to be mediocre.

The silver lining with this choice is I could start fresh. I’m still anxious about the new people that I would meet.

There will be again an adjustment that I need to endure. Moreover, I know that I’m not good at a first impression.

But, I know in the long run I will get their sympathy and I can work again in my own terms.

Choosing What is Right

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Choosing what makes you happy between what makes sense is so difficult. I never thought that this day will come.

What should I do? My head is full of questions. I could not focus and most of the time I’m not myself.

Do you need to consider the opinion of others? For me the only opinion that matter is from my significant other.

Self-fulfillment may be my first choice, but today I made a choice that made sense. 

We are thought that we need to follow our dreams and stick to our gut. When something is not right we should not proceed.

I’m not happy neither sad. The feeling that I have right now is indescribable.

Above all, I love my family more than anything. The fulfillment and happiness that I see from their eyes are more than enough for me to continue with my life.

I may not choose the thing that possibly could make me happy. But, this I know. I have realized that happiness comes from a different standpoint.

Happiness is a choice. We need the see the beauty of each situation. Learn from the experience and use those experience to fuel your dream.

Be patient your destiny will reveal itself in due time. No choice is wrong. You just need to rely on the fact that everything happens for a reason.

The reason may not reveal itself today, just wait patiently it will be over soon. For now, I choose the right thing.


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