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Accepting Instead of Understanding. Face the Fact

Don't try t understand everything because sometimes it is not mean to be understood, but to be accepted.

Accepting instead of Understanding. Don’t try to understand everything because sometimes it is not mean to be understood, but to be accepted.

So many people are fake because they crave acceptance when in reality acceptance starts with you. Loving your authentic self and realizing not everyone deserves your energy.

Acceptance is to embrace something while understanding is the ability to comprehend.

This may be two different words when defined. But for me, they’re two peas on the same pod.

You will not accept something if you haven’t understood its true meaning of it. Same as true with people.

People are very complex. They demonstrate different types of traits that when mix differs from each individual.

We need to understand that each of us possesses different traits. Sometimes, these traits clash and we often end up to an argument that no one wins.

Accepting instead of understanding is a difficult move to make. No one can say that they truly understand or accept one thing until they gave up the idea that noting is fully defined in this world.

Furthermore, each of us is still on a journey. We searched for the missing piece and ended up circling on the same path.

I believe that nothing is missing. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Clearly, we are out of focus and we are trying too hard to find the missing piece from afar. Just live in the moment.

Instead, we need to look and dig deep inside. You are made to function in a way that each being is made to roam around and do things that they are best at.

Love your self. Nothing is more important than seeking self-love first. It is not narcissism. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love somebody else?

Accepting Instead of Understanding

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Do not dwell on something that you can’t understand. Maybe it’s time for you to continue with your life and let everything be.

Soon, you will understand why things happen. Destiny has its own way of letting you know that your plan is not meant for you.

You are created to explore great things. Each day is a chance for you to discover your abilities.

Moreover, your inner skills are just a few clicks away. Learn to awaken it. Those skills will help you through your journey.

Despite the challenges that face every day. We still manage to emerge as a victor.

Furthermore, accept that we have limits. Each limit that hinders us to achieve our goals will serve as an inspiration that we can still move forward.

Don’t let those voices inside your head drown your inner peace. You are more than capable of achieving great things.

Understood that not every people will understand how you handle your own life. Gossip is everywhere.

You can’t control the actions and thoughts of every person.

Finally, the only thing that you need to focus on is yourself. Because of the only thing that you have control of is your own action.

Accept that you will never be perfect, life will always have challenges and other people will disappoint you sometimes.

Acceptance is the first step toward peace.




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