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I’m helpless and no one is there to rescue me

One of the worst feelings is feeling helpless. To realize in certain situations you’re completely and totally powerless. That you got to try and roll with hard punches life will throw

I’m helpless and no one is there to help me. The situation that I’m in right now buries me to a pit of despair.

People that you love usually does this to you. I’m too understanding and I can’t say no. Even I’m helpless myself, I see to it that they have taken care of.

I’m sure that I can get out of this. But, today I’m screaming inside and just want to let it out. Moreover, I have sacrificed a lot just to be where I am.

Life has thrown me challenges that I was able to recover. Today is different. The only person that I thought would help me serves as an anchor that weighs me for the longest time.

I don’t know how to focus and my thought is everywhere. The only thing that I could do is just to pause and sigh. I can’t do anything right now.

God, I need your help. You are the only one who knows what I’m going through right now. Besides, my spirit and physical strength are weak right now.

I just need a minute to think. What should I do? Simply writing my thoughts gives me relief because I can’t confide to anyone.

Conversely, I don’t want to be judged. I have built this wall all my life. Moreover, I don’t want those walls to crumble.

My silent tears are flowing profusely. I felt empty and my soul is helpless. In the same way, I don’t think anyone really understands how tiring it is to ack okay and always be strong when in reality you’re close to the edge.

I act strong all the time. For instance, I was stricken by a dilemma that nothing is permanent. One day you’re happy the following day you are sad.

Undeniably, Life and everything about it makes me crazy and happy at the same time. It is a blessing for me being alive and healthy.

Equally, the roller coaster adventure of life is most fulfilling and disappointing.  You can’t have everything.

I’m Helpless

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If you are rich most of the time its hard for you to find true love.  In addition, if you found your true love you are bombarded by financial difficulties.

Always remember that behind every strong and independent woman. There are days when she was alone and helpless. And, there are lessons she has learned from life and there are stories of battles and struggles which she has fought alone.

Beneath the shield of confidence and strength, there is a plethora of sadness and pain which she has endured. -AARTI KHURANA

There a shield beyond recognition. It disguises the innermost vulnerable part of her being. Being helpless doesn’t mean don’t your weak.

It is a state of mind. If you are willing to bargain your emotions and just live with the moment, you will soon realize that true happiness is just around the corner.

Find the beauty of your existence and don’t dwell on the things and situations that put a gloom in your day.



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