Understanding You

We need to Understand in Order to be Understood

Understanding is Deeper than Knowledge. There are many people who knew you, but there are few who understand you. Expecting everyone to understand you is your greatest downfall.

Understanding the real you is sometimes an easy thought but is difficult to achieve. Moreover, this world has taught us that even the simplest aspect of our existence has a great impact.

We are more what we thought. Understanding the real you is the first step for us to gain a glimpse of our potential.

In order for us to understand we need to be understood. Be sensitive to others emotion.

Walk with a listening heart and not with a loud voice. Furthermore, we need to understand that we are a social being.

Living with others is an everyday struggle. We need others as well as we need ourselves.

There are other people who could hear you speak a thousand words and still not understand you. And, there are others who will understand you without speaking a word.

Understanding that our skills are limited is the first step of self-acceptance. If we accept that we don’t have the capacity to control everything, we will realize that we need others to function.

Understanding is the ability to comprehend something. Comprehension involves considering all of the facts and disregarding the emotions in the process.

How to understand people is a different thing. We best understand ourselves by observing others.

What we want to become came from a person that you admire the most. Your dreams in life don’t come from an internal factor.

It usually comes externally from the people that we acquaint ourselves every day. The happiness that we observe from other people also resonates within us.

We are part of a greater cause. If we fully understand our true connection, then we could do our best to take part.

Find the deep meaning and self-connection with every people. Everyone has a story to tell.

Even the poor and street dwellers can teach us a lesson.  Understanding how their lives exist every day will inspire us to be thankful every day.

Everyone has a purpose and each purpose differs. Nothing is more important than others.

Understanding the Real You


We will understand best if we’ll open our mind. Don’t expect that everyone will understand what you feel.

Your actions and thoughts are based on your own experience and view about others. Ultimately, you can’t control what others may think about you.

No one is perfect and judgment is passed every second. In addition, our opinion is always considered.

Most people say that your opinion towards others is not important. This may be true but in the long run, your opinion will echo back.

These will be the voices that will serve as a benchmark on how people will act.

We need to dig deeper and know the difference between understanding and judgment.

I realized that I stopped explaining myself when I realized that people understand from their level of perception.

So, don’t be frustrated if people don’t understand you all the time. The most important thing is you understand them.

And knowing that you are at peace with oneself is already enough.


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