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Love your Self FIRST and don’t be Desperate!

Love yourself enough not to come off desperate. Trust me if someone wants you in their life, they would make an obvious effort to do so

Don’t be desperate. Don’t let desperate situations make you do desperate things. Furthermore, desperation doesn’t look good on anyone.

We are here in this world to enjoy and not focus our time and effort to someone who doesn’t know our value.

There may be a time in the past that he or she values you, but it’s over. You don’t need to force yourself to someone who doesn’t know your worth.

You might have read the cues wrong. He is not into you, forget him.  Stop caring for him. He is not worth it. Besides, you are beautiful and independent. There will come a time that love will seek you for who you are.

In addition, pretending to be the girl of her dreams is a sign of total desperation. Value yourself because you are special.

You may not notice it today but in the future, you will. Just be patient and hold on to the promise that everything will get better soon.

If you need to disconnect from him, do it. It will be painful at first, but it’s the only way for you to let go for now.

Avoid stalking his social media account, you’ll only be pissed. If you need to unfollow him to do it. It is a bitter move but it’s the only way out.

You are still young. The world is your oyster, you can squander it whatever you like. Don’t limit yourself to a certain group of people.

As you go through life you will discover and meet a lot of people. These people will hone your character.

There are those who inflict pain but they are only a few compared to others that will lighten your day.

This is not the end. If you already made some desperate moves, please stop. You still have hope. Redeem yourself and don’t settle for crumbs of attention. Moreover, you need to respect yourself.

Respect within is the only way for others to see your own value. Never ever make them see that you are desperate.

Don’t be Desperate

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If he wants to be in your life he’ll be there. You don’t need to fight for a spot. In addition, never allow yourself to be desperate that you end up settling for far less than what you deserve.

Be patient my dear, sometimes you need to go through the worst to get the best. Maybe it’s the only for you to move on the next stop. Be strong soon it will be over and you will thank yourself in the process.

Admitting what you felt lightens up the load. But don’t back it up with desperate moves. You’ll only look helpless.

Love yourself first. In contrary, develop your inner self. If you feel good inside, you can attract every positive person.

Desperation should not exist. But, if you think you are in a desperate moment pause for a while and meditate.

Think about your dreams and your future. If this person is not reciprocating your love then you need to move on.

Remember desperate women, throw themselves and weak men accept the offer.




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