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Be Humble. You are not at the top all the time

A humble person is more concerned about what is right than about being right, about acting on good ideas than having good ideas, about embracing new truth than defending an outdated position. It’s about building the team than exalting self. Being humble is about recognizing contribution than being recognized for making it.- Stephen Mr. Covey

Be humble because not all the time you are in the top. You had push yourself to your breaking put just to prove everyone else is wrong about you.

Some of you might use this a driving force to achieve your dreams. The people that doubted your abilities have seen you succeed. What then?

Furthermore, you become this arrogant person who thinks that you have the world in your hand. You started acting like you know everything.

Unknowingly, you belittle those people around you. Questioning their decision is what you are good at. Moreover, you always benchmark your success to let them be aware of the wrong moves that they are doing in there life.

A few years ago, you are humble. Humility reflects in your eyes. It seems that God has given you a change and you just want to get over with the struggle.

My darling, don’t let yourself be consumed by the success and power that you have right now. Everything is temporary.

They said that you will know the character of a person once he is on the top. In addition, how they treat the subordinates below them speaks the true person that they really are.

Don’t be blinded by power and success.  Nothing is more important than a humble heart. Be humble always, it will never get old.

Be humble

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The more humble we stay, the more God blesses us. Apart from this, be kind. Humbleness and kindness bring the true joy of living.

A mistake makes you humble is much better than an achievement that makes you arrogant.

You can be proud of yourself without making a big fuss about it.  Sometimes, wrong signals come across other people.

Be humble, teachable and always keep learning. Like I mentioned earlier the wheel of life is turning all the time. People who are at the top today may not be at the top tomorrow.

Show compassion and be understanding. You are here in this world to fulfill your dream. Make sure to not walk on somebody’s shadow.

When you have reached the point of success still, be humble. Let your success do the noise and don’t shroud it with arrogance.

No one can predict the future. There will be a time that the people below you will soon outrun you and you’ll be sorry for the things that you have done.

Importantly, avoid saying bad things about the people around you. It will bite you in back in the future. If you can’t say anything good, kindy close your lips.

We are all struggling, don’t take it seriously. Life is a journey and we only stop if we are not breathing. Enjoy the bitterness and success.

Those situations will teach you to be humble. Climb the mountain so you can see the world and not for the world to see you.


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