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I’m Hopeless: Life has given me too much

I’m hopeless, Depressed, Angry but most of all I’m Scared. When it rains look for the Rainbow and when it’s Dark look for the stars.

This are the words that would comfort us in times of need. When we are depressed to lift our spirit most of us just divert our attention to the internet.

Moreover, we try to find a quote that will best describe our emotion and post it to our social media accounts.

But, there are some days when even the online community could not lift your spirit even just a little.

I’m hopeless because I’m at the end of my straw. Problems building up and I could not take it anymore.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of constant pressure on me. The pressure coming from my family and even from the people that are close to me.

I was never honest with them for a long time. Besides, they will not understand what I’m feeling because they too have their own issue.

Also, I don’t want to be a burden for them. It’s hard for me to open up. There’s a lot of burden that needs to be lifted from my shoulders.

I’ve been carrying this the whole time. And now, even just a little hit from the people that I don’t know could break me down.

Right now, I would admit that my emotions are unmanageable. Even so, I was able still to perform the things that I’m expected of.

As we grow old our problems also grow.  People will question everything that you are doing. If you are doing well with your career, issues may arise from your family.

And, family as we know it has a greater impact on our own being. Family is a reflection of who you are as a person.

I’m Hopeless

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I’m Hopeless because I’ve done everything in my power just to keep my head above water this past few days.

Definitely, I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted. I need a break. On the contrary, I’ve been focused and lived my life as planned.

The pain that I felt inside is unmanageable. It was mixed with sleepless nights and scrambled thoughts about the things that I don’t have control of.

I can’t pretend anymore that I’m okay. Also, I can’t fake it anymore. I’m hopeless, helpless and I’m afraid.

I’m hopeless because I’m turning to be the person that I despise the most. Nonetheless, the only thing that I could do is to pray that everything will be over soon. As long as I’m alive I can get over it.

A glimpse of hope is just in front of me. I need to trust that everything will just fall into the right place. Just do what you’re going to do.

Life has its own way of reversing its course and the next time it will be in your favor. A goal that was taken seriously will be your ticket to success.

Finally, don’t give up now my darling. You have been through a lot. Just keep moving forward. Life doesn’t stop even when you’re in a plateau.



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