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The Struggle is Real and it’s the Reality

Real struggle is what you encounter whenever problem comes your way. Everyone has problems and no man is an exception.

But there are times when your struggle drowns you down. Your head has been above waters this past few days and another problem sprung out from nowhere.

You have calm your nerves, telling yourself that everything will be over soon. It’s magnitude increases as time pass.

And, smiling is your only way to mask the pain away. Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean that you are okay. Sometimes, it just means that you are strong.

Furthermore, your strength is the only way for you to face this challenges head on.

I’m optimistic that this situation that I’m currently facing will change. Apart from this, it will test how brave and resilient I am to every situation .

Life has taught me something. And, that is to live your life as if its your last. You don’t spend your day thinking or depressing towards things that you don’t have control of.

This things might get on your nerve sometimes. But, don’t let the situation control how you should live your life.

You are an adult and you have surpassed a lot of struggles. This is just one of it.

I may not know the real struggle that you are in right now, what i knew is you are brave and you can surpass it all.

You might say, It feels like everyone is moving up with their lives and I’m stuck here in the hole that I can’t climb out.

Besides, every problem has a solution. Don’t give up and stay focus.

Real Struggle

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Problems are not stop sign, they are guidelines. Despite the negative impact of problems in our life it still remain as the source of lesson that we can use in the future.

Apart from this, problem serves as a pointing arrow where we should go or what steps do we need to take in order to survive.

The real struggle is not the problem itself. It is our attitude towards the problem in front of us.

I always say that we need to find the beauty on every situation. Make that problem work as our advantage.

I don’t envy those who doesn’t encounter the struggles that I had. In fact, I pity them.

If only they know how empowered you become when you fought those hurdles.

on the other hand, struggles keeps me humble and lifts my spirit. I’ve seen problems cripple the people that I’ve known. They might look strong outside but weak inside.

Those people are gifted in public speaking and social engagement.  But, in reality when they are alone there struggles eat them alive.

I’m thankful because I was given a chance to face this struggles.  It made me the person that I’m today.

I’m praying not for the problems to go away. Rather, I want to be stronger compared to the person that I am yesterday.

Struggles I am ready. Ready to face you head on. You can challenge me anytime and I still will be ready for you.

When you focus on problems you’ll have more. When you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities.


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