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Complaint: it Limits Your Potential

Your complaints will never get you anywhere. He who avoids complaints invites happiness. Complaints always reveal a person’s value. Because it is an assault on- or insult to our values that create a complaint in the first place.

We only complain when something is the opposite of or an offense to what we think is important.

In addition, a complaint is a statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

You do agree that we complain most of the time. We complain because our food is not delicious always, our house is not beautiful and we are getting fat each day.

In the first place, complaint is everywhere.  You will hear it during a public commute, buying groceries from your favorite supermarket and even at church complaints are heard and even gossiped.

Complaining about a situation is normal. We are merely humans in this vast universe. There are things that go beyond our capabilities and control.

In return, we whine or simply complain because we can’t do anything about it.  Complaining has still positive benefit into it.

In contrast, by simply complaining you were able to vent out your frustration and in return relieves your stress.

Your Complaints

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How does complaint affect our lives? If you are not helping to make it right then stop complaining.

After all, we are not excused from this. Complaints are everywhere. Even if your silent you can still complain using your mind.

Admit it or not, we overindulge ourselves to complain most of the time. When we are in school we want to fast forward because we are sick of going to school every day.

But then, after we graduated we complain because we can’t find a job. After getting a job we complain of the long and tiring hours at work.

There’s a lot to complain about. Your complaints your resolution. Ask yourself, how can I resolve this issue? Is whining going to solve it?

Complaint really reveals the values of a person. The negativity towards things is infectious. Coupled with a doubting attitude it will bring you to nowhere.

Your complaints reveal your true character. It will unmask the person that you truly are. Instead of complaining, think of something positive that will come out from the situation.

As a matter of fact, complaint only creates an environment filled with confusion and doubt from among your peers.

When we complain we do it in peers or groups. Mostly, gossiping about someone or something that you commonly despise.

My dear stay away from this situation. Don’t overcrowd yourself with complaints. It will exhaust you in the long.

Look at the situation in a different angle always. In any event, find the beauty in every situation and dwell on it.

Only then will you realize that everything happens for a reason. There is a purpose that is beyond your understanding as of the moment.

But, everything will make perfect sense at the end. Complain at your own risk. Instead, meditate and removed the negative energy from your life.

Negativity attracts negative vibes. Be positive always. If you are not lighting any candles, don’t complain in the dark. Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time in complaining.






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