Forgive yourself Lady

Forgive Yourself because you matter

Forgive  yourself because you also matter.  Unquestionably, we have done something in life that drives as crazy up to this days.

Besides, even how idealistic you are towards life you might have mistaken done something that you are not very proud of.

Please remember, forgive yourself that is the only way that you can move on. Life is too beautiful for you to sulk in.

Forgive yourself because you have the right to be happy. Forgiving yourself is the only way for you to move on.

We can never be truly happy until we find inner peace. And, inner peace can only be attain by self forgiveness.

Forgive yourself

  • Focus on your emotions: Give yourself permission to recognize the feelings and emotions that had hurt you in the past.
  • Acknowledge the mistake out loud: This is the only way for you to move on.
  • Think of each mistake as  learning experience
  • Permit yourself to put the process on hold: Learning to take a pause and visualize yourself in a calm state would make a difference
  • Notice when you are self critical: Criticizing self is a double edge sword.
  • Show kindness and compassion: You are not perfect. Therefore, show compassion to the mistakes that you have done in the past.

You are the only person who can play your role in this world. Despite the mistakes that you have done in the past you still matter.

Also, the courage to forgive yourself is the first step to self preservation.  Remember that we need those mistakes to grow.

Those mistakes doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Everybody has a starting point. You are just starting my dear. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Importantly, the only person that knows you is yourself. While others view you differently you are the only one who can figure out what you really want.

You Matter

Forgive yourself

You are special.  And most of all, you matter. Don’t let the voices in your head drown you with negative thoughts. The best critique is still yourself.

Never question your worth because you matter. You should never question your abilities because it’s infinite. In addition, you are divine if only you could see the miracle of your being.

Questioning self worth is normal. But, questioning yourself to the point of your existence will bring you only sorrow.

Whatever people may think you matter.  You matter to the persons who love you. It doesn’t matter  if you were given away as a child or if you are in a broken family.

You matter because you are what you are period. No matter who you are, you can provide value. We each have an individual purpose always believe in you.

We live in the world were vanity and possession is the measure of self worth. It will not matter in the long run. You still get lonely even with those drowning possession.

What matters most is how you view yourself as a person. Everything will just follow. People who matters will accept you for what you are. If they do not, they are not the people that you need to surround  yourself.

All in all, forgive yourself because this is the right thing.Pause and remember. Every single event in your life, especially the difficult lessons have made you smarter, stronger and wiser than you were yesterday.



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