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Don’t let STRESS Weigh you down

The day she let go of the things that weigh her down, was the day she began shine the brightest

Stress weighs you down.We live in a world full of stress. notably, stress comes from different source. But, stress is more stressful when it comes from the person that you cared for.

Stress is a normal response. Moreover, Even positive life changes produces stress like a work promotion and giving birth.

Stress Weighs you down

What is Stress?

Stress is the bodies reaction to any change that requires  an adjustment or response. the body reacts to these changes with Physical, Mental and emotional response.

Symptoms of Stress

  1. Memory problems or inability to concentrate
  2. Poor judgement and seeing only the negative things
  3. Anxious and constant worrying
  4. Physical symptoms include: undetermined pain, loss of sex drive and frequent flu
  5. Behavioral symptom includes: Eating more or less, Sleeping too much or too little and withdrawing from others
  6. Emotional Symptoms:  Depression or general unhappiness, Moodiness and irritability

Naturally, stress was introduced to us a bad thing. Mainly, when we talk about stress its about the inability to do something because someone or a situation is hindering us to do in.

In other words, stress itself is stressful. The word stress can be associated with a lot of things as mentioned above.

Stress as a good thing

Stress sometimes is a good thing in a right amount. For this reason, stress had something to do with drive. For one thing, stress is sometimes one of the reason why we are successful. We used stress to fuel our ambitions.

It nudge  us to do the things that we are not comfortable. In return, it grants us the things that we desire.

According to experts, stress is a burst of energy that advises us to do the right things. For instance, stress can help us motivate to get through daily challenges.

Stress as a bad thing

On a negative note, Stress itself can cause a lot blow to our body. As mentioned above it can affect our physical, emotional and mental state.

Altogether, we don’t like stress because it makes us uneasy more than ever. Living a stressful life is inevitable.

In particular stress makes us do unnecessary things. Like, during a job interview due to stress you weren’t able to express yourself ending up not getting the job that you prepared for weeks.

You know the answer to the question. But, due to stress it came out differently. I salute those individual who an control their stress especially on a bigger audience.

There are a lot of viral videos regarding beauty pageants. Certainly, we can’t question the beauty that they do possess. However on the question and answer question they quit drop the bomb. Eventually, it’s the ultimate cause of there defeat.

Remember this, stress weighs you down.

Let go of the weight

Stretching girl

When stress doesn’t benefit  you and you feel that the world is on your shoulder, you need to let go. Learning to let go is a difficult process especially if something matters to you.

By letting go of the stress you are freeing yourself from the pain that comes with it.. Constant stress will only bring you sorrow. It depletes your energy making you feel more vulnerable.

Letting go is a simple phrase. But, you need all  your might to let go of the things that weighs you down.  Living a life full of stress is not worth it. You need to focus on the things that really matters.

Identify the things that really matters to you. If you love the things that you do, you don’t need to stress about it.

Finally you will shine brightly. The day that you let go of the things that weigh you down, was the day you began shine the brightest


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