I just need to live in the present

Everywhere we go and everywhere we look there is that someone who we thought they had all their shit together.

We start comparing ourselves because we realized that our life is not that amazing.

In addition, we started to follow their footsteps thinking it might lead us to the path that they are in. We want to experience the joy that we see from them.

Well, life is a big joke. Undoubtedly, we think too much. What does it feel when you have everything that you can dream of?

I could not say or explain the feeling because I was never in that situation. But, it should feel amazing right? Live in the present.

Chasing the next big thing

If you are a goal oriented person, you do focus your eyes on the next big thing. The next big thing that we thought might change our lives forever. Besides, life is all about chasing your dreams and finding the purpose of it.

What is really the next big thing? I still don’t have an answer to that question. Luckily, life has also a way of putting back the things that really matter.

Moreover, we realized at the end, that everything happens for a reason.  The Job interview that we never got, the academic recognition that we never achieved and the person that refused to be in our lives.

Those instances gave us an excuse to depress not knowing that all of it is our own doing.

Chasing the next big thing is not bad. It serves as a rudder to teach us where to go. It puts our life to perspective and identifies our priority in life.

Live in the present

Today is a gift that’s why it’s called present. We only live once. In contrary, we can’t go back to time to correct the things that we failed in.

Time machine might be a good option to reminisce. But, changing your past will create a snowball effect.

The past made the person that you are today. Changing your past will cause drastic change not only in you but the people that surround you.

Live in the present, put those phone and cameras down and just live today. You might never know if you’ll have a chance to see those pictures in the future.

Make memories with your eyes and heart. They are never-ending storage of the memories that we want to treasure.

Sometimes, we may forget but deep inside if we just focus, the emotions that came with those memories will spring up and will let you live the moment again.

Tired and had enough

I’m in a place where material possessions don’t give me joy and inner peace. Finally, I’m in a place where family, relationship, and friends are the priority.

Of course, I still do indulge in some material aspects from time to time. But, it’s not the driving force that makes me wake up every morning.

I found my identity and pleasing everybody is the last thing on my list.  It felt good because you have control of things that you really want.

On this time, I realized that people will just recognize how genuine you are and will start loving you as the real you and not just make-believe.

I’m living in the present and I’m tired of chasing the next big thing. I just let life do its course on me.

In conclusion, live your life to the fullest. Enjoy every bit of joy and sorrow that you feel today. This makes us human. Classes in society however poor or rich you might be is still undergoing the same cycle.

So, don’t wish your life to be like them. Appreciate your existence and everything will just fall back right through.



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